Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weigh In 09/29


Well after last weeks atrocious 6 pound gain, I was pretty motivated to have a good loss this week. I stuck to my goals and it definitely paid off! I slipped up and had soda twice and I wasn’t as good about tracking as I need to be. That is what I’ll on focusing on this week as well as adding in more exercise.


But eating breakfast and replacing some meals with protein shakes definitely made a difference! I lost 4.4 pounds! Yeah baby!

Goals for this week…

Exercise 4 times (walking the dog counts)
Eat more veggies
No soda. No exceptions


  1. Way to Go! I am following weight watchers and exercising my butt're not in this alone!

  2. Congratualtions on the loss....that is great!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations!

    I'm trying to lose weight as well and I'm going through an I CAN'T DO IT phaze, so reading that you have done it is really motivating, you had a bad week then a good one hopefully I have my good one on it's way soon and get myself back on track.

    Best of luck for the next week!



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