Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don’t be THAT blogger!


Its been said before, but I thought I’d chime in with my 2 cents….

Don’t be THAT blogger'…

…For the love of pete! Please don’t be a no reply blogger! I like responding to your comments! But I can’t if you’re the dreaded no reply guy! Not sure it this applies to you or how to fix it if it does? Karen from Sew Many Ways has an easy tutorial to walk you through the steps! Go Here

…Captcha = no comments! You probably know what I’m talking about when I say its FRIGGING ANNOYING! So lets turn it off shall we? Go here for a video tutorial on youtube. And incase you’re wondering… mine is turned off and I dealt with the spammers by clicking the “no anonymous comments” option. Hurray! 2 problems – 1 stone!

… If you use twitter, and it is linked to your blog, but its marked private… WHY? I’d like to be able to follow you! If you want to keep your personal account private, that’s cool… just don’t link it to your blog or use it for a giveaway. Yup, you guessed it, ANNOYING!

… If you’re a “fashion blogger” Cool! You’ve got more guts than I do! But do us all a favor and post at least ONE picture LOOKING at the camera with a normal SMILE. Maybe it’s the photographer in me, but golly it frustrates me! I get that its “artsy” but common! Give us a smile!

… Need help? Ask. I like to help. That’s all ;)



  1. I think my blog is ok with the replies. I definitely do not have captcha. Let me know if you notice anything that isn't blogger friendly.

  2. I'd love feedback on anything that might not be blogger friendly, I love blogging and I love my followers so I want to treat them right :)

  3. No reply bloggers suck. And I never respond anymore.

    Captcha??? I don't even bother anymore!!!

    I am guilty at the looking down when I do a post for what I am wearing. Can't help it. I really don't like showing my face LOL

  4. *LOL*
    I killed the captcha on my blog today - wasn't even aware that I had it on :-( it is definitely annoying!!
    I agree with Michelle - its really nice if all of you give us "new" bloggers how to make our blog more user friendly!!
    cheers :-)

  5. Ah, I hate captcha!! It drives me craaaaazy!! Thanks for the blogging tips! :) - Chelsea,

  6. Great tips!! I recently signed up for Google + and it automatically makes your email a no reply. The ONLY way to fix it is to disconnect google +. I think you only have to disconnect it from your profile but I deleted the whole thing. Ticked me off!!

    I've had my Twitter private forever but as of last week I'm out in the open. :)

  7. I *think* I have mine set up right :/ I'm not 100% sure haha I keep try but I seem to be a technophobe in the reply area.



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