Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Angel Reveal



I signed up for blog angels again! I missed the half way linky because my internet is dumb! But I am here for the grand reveal and I am excited to announce who I was an “angel” to!

Drum roll please……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


Dexter Morgan's Mama

Jennifer is HILARIOUS! I love reading her posts from Dexter’s point of view :) I’m excited that I am going to get to guest post in her blog sometime in the near future as she transitions back to Minnesota. Turns out we have a couple of important things in common! We both love football. We are both named Jennifer, We both have fur babies that we dote upon and we both started our blogs around the same time!

I’ve tried to comment lots and get to know Jennifer with out being too obvious! I’m hoping that we can continue to get to know each other better! I mean come on! With a name like “Jennifer” she has to be fabulous right? ;)


ON an entirely different note… see those gorgeous faces over there --------------------------------------------------------->
Yes those would be my ridiculously awesome sponsors! Interested in hang out with me this month? I’ve got a couple Houston and Austin spots left for September! The first 5 people to use the code “Septemberlovin” get 50% off! Woot Woot! Check out the sponsor info here. :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vegetable Yumminess


Fall is almost upon us! And I think the thing that I am going to miss most about summer is the yummy squashes and asparagus. Yes, I know they’re still technically available, but I like to choose veggies that are available seasonally. We have been eating these a lot, so I thought I’d share my favorite way make them!

posts 005.1

Prep your veggies. Wash and trim the end of the asparagus. Wash and chop the squash into half in medallions. Since I am usually just cooking for the hubs and I, I use foil to separate the veggies in the pan.

posts 009.1

On the squash I drizzle a little olive oil, season salt, garlic powder and a little creole seasoning (you know, cause I love in Texas and everything has to be a little bit spicy). On the Asparagus, a little olive oil, a little garlic powder and some parmesan cheese.

posts 017.1

Roast in the oven at 375 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes depending on your oven. About half way through I stir the squash a bit to make sure that the cook evenly.

posts 023.1

Add your favorite protein and you’ve got, in my opinion, a perfect meal!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Precious QAL


Back in the spring I signed up for the My Precious Quilt Along over at Kelby Sews. The point was to use the fabric that you’ve been “hoarding” for a special project. There were monthly link ups where you can show off your progress or what you’ve made. I missed the last 2 link ups, but I did link up in May. I was planning on finishing this month along with all the other participants, but I didn’t quite make that dead line.

I do have all my squares finished and 2/3’s trimmed! There are 4 of each square and the measure 9.5 inches. I’ve been sewing with a 1/4 in seam.

quilt collage

When they are all trimmed and ready to go they’re going to be arranged like they are above. I am planning on just free motion quilting on the white. Not sure what I am going to use for the binding… maybe a yellow or lime that match the fabrics?

This quilt will definitely be staying with me :) It should be queen size and will being going on the bed in our room :) I can’t wait!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dreamy Bedroom Dreams

I’ve mentioned a time or two before that I live in a wall to wall, floor to ceiling, “wood” paneling monstrosity of a house. EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM.
I know what you’re thinking… “Jennifer, Tell us how you really feel”
Well… It drives me nuts!
So I’ve been dreaming of what my future-someday-if-I’m-lucky-or-win-the-lottery bedroom will look like. Dreaming and planning, (or scheming as my husband calls it) and doing some online shopping.
That’s where Cost Plus World Market comes in *insert massive grin here*. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with pretty much EVERYTHING they have online. And when the time comes that I finally get to rip out some wood paneling, paint a pretty color and refurnish my bedroom, I already have a plan!
I am soooooooo in love with all of this! Especially the Sasha Hall Chest and the Sean Jacobs painting. I just know that waking up with the calm peaceful colors and pieces would be a fabulous way to start every day!
Have you checked out World Market lately? Cause you really should! They have fantabulousness! Oh and they have this wicked cool Gourmet Getaway Sweepstakes on right now that you need to go enter… like right now… what are you waiting for? GO! I’ll wait :)
**Grand Prize package includes:
  • A trip for two to to Santa Fe, New Mexico (this is a 5 day Trip for 2 to Santa Fe which includes airfare and hotel)
  • Hands on Southwestern Cooking class with Master Chef
  • Personally signed glossy cookbook
  • Multi-course dinner at the acclaimed Geronimo
  • Southwestern Foodie Tour with a cultural kick
  • A $1,000 World Market gift card
** There will also be 3 runner up prize winners that will each receive a $500 World Market gift card!
**The Gourmet Getaway Sweepstakes runs from August 18, 2012 until September 21, 2012.
**If you share the sweepstakes with 5 of your friends (via FB share or email) you can receive 5 additional bonus entries. This is part of the registration process when entering. Users can also enter daily for more chances to win.

Are you back now? K, good :) I just wanted to let you know that the above fantasy shopping spree is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own.

Monday, August 27, 2012

No Sew Puppy Toy


So I do this thing where I scan through pinterest on my phone, but I don’t like or repin anything… and then I have this idea in my head that I know is inspired by something I’d seen, but I have no way to reference or credit the proper people. OPPS!!!!! So if you know where this idea originally came from please let me know so I can “play nice” :)

If you’ve been hanging around my little’ol blog for any length of time you’re probably met my hyper, but super adorable german shepherd puppy, Riah :)


See! Isn’t she adorable?!?!? I think so too… when she isn’t chewing on the carpet, or peeing on my floor, or being her general annoying self. :) But I love her anyways!

She goes through toys like crazy! I’m lucky if a “stuffy” toy lasts a week around here. So when I saw the idea on pinterest I was like “Hey! I have t-shirts that we never wear!” The rest, as they say, is history :)


shirt toy1.1

shirt toy 2.1

See easy as pie! And no sewing involved :) Let the puppy cuteness commence….


She has not stopped playing with this since I made it for her 3 days ago! Hurray for free and easy and simple!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weigh in Vol. 15


Hurray! I made it to my meeting this morning… well more of a weigh in than an actual meeting. The group leader’s Father is not doing well, so there was no meeting part.

I lost 1.6 this week! I actually lost more like 3.6… I didn’t weigh in last week. Mostly because I slept through my alarm and missed the meeting and just a little because I knew I was going to have a 2+ gain if I went in. Happy flipping birthday! lol

This week my goal is to eat more veggies! I’ve already bought, chopped and bagged a bunch! So now, when the munchies hit, all I have to do is grab a bag of prepped veggies out of the fridge! I did the same with some fruit too!

I also made some “Sassy Water” Its supposed to aid in weight loss and detoxing.

I saw the idea on pinterest and found the info here. Its “brewing” in the fridge right now… I’ll let you know what I think next week.

There is still time to enter a couple of my birthday giveaways! go HERE

Friday, August 24, 2012



Lately I’ve gotten some AWESOME happy mail! And with the giveaways that were going on, I didn’t get to share any of them with you! D’oh!

So today you get the awesomeness all at once! :)

First up…

Jaime from XOXO Jamie Brooke sent me this AWESOME #armparty package and because she is such a sweetheart she threw in a few extra goodies for my birthday!  I’ve been wearing at least one of these fabulous “old school” friendship bracelets at all times :) You can check out what I sent to Jamie here.

Jamie collage

I hit the swap partner jackpot when Debbie, from On the Refrigerator Door, and I were matched up for the Creative Exchange :) She’s awesome and lives in Nashville! I was so excited when I thought I was going there to visit family, I was going to try and squeeze in a coffee with Debbie… but alas, life had other plans :( Hopefully another time! I think the personalized magnets she sent me are one of my all time favorite swap gifts! Especially that “coffee owl”! The perfect combination of 2 of my favorite things! You can check out what I sent Debbie here, and I highly recommend checking out her etsy stores here and here.

Debbie collage

My most recent package came from Kjerstin of The Way I Am. She also picked up on my obsession with all things owl! I’ve had that ring on ever since I got the package on Monday! And I can not wait to take a little road trip (the nearest Joann's is an hour away) and use that gift card! Woot Woot!

kjerstin collage


Thanks so much ladies for sending me such AWESOME packages! You Rock!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Me, Myself and I


So I am a couple days behind… but better late than never right?

My Beautiful, Crazy Life


This month's questions:

1. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Hmmm… tough question! I would definitely amp up my businesses. When I am being honest with myself (and I am at the moment) I don’t try harder to promote my photography business because I’m afraid that I’ll fail. Umm… ouch.

Oh and sky diving! :)

2. If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?

Geesh! Talk about a pessimistic question! I would spend as much time with family and friends as possible! And I’d knock as many things off my bucket list as possible. Lots of travel and making memories. I’d probably pull a Queen Latifah in Last Holiday and live it up while I could!

3. If a front page news article was written on you, what would the headline be?

“Coffee addicted Canadian wins Billion Dollar Lottery!” What? A girl can’t dream?

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Ignorance! Is that a pet peeve? Oh and people who snap their gum. Ugh

5. What is your favorite chick flick movie?

I am very much a classic’s kinda girl. My top 2 favorite movies are Gigi and My Fair Lady! Yes. I love musicals!!! Opps… I have this song stuck in my head now…

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What? Back to “Real” posting???


OK… so the 3 weeks of giveaways were AWESOME!!! But I have to admit that I really did miss posting “regular” stuff! Seriously! I have like 900 projects to share with you all!

Ok… maybe not 900… but at least 3! And some swap stuff and some new fav foods and puppy pictures and a photo shoot!

lifelately collage

But you’re going to have to wait….

I’m guest posting over at my Texan friend Emily’s blog today! But come back tomorrow… because I’ve got lots of stuff to share :) And I am in a giveaway over at Blank Canvas! $15 shop credit up for grabs :)

PS… don’t you just LOVE my new blog design! I do! You need to go enter the giveaway for your own bloggy make over! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

29 {Birthdays} + 1 {Blogiversary} = BIG Giveaways! Day 15

Day Seven - Emily from Sweet Bella Roos (Winner Announced!)
Day Eight - Emily from Along Came the Boy (Winner Announced!)
Day Nine -  ME!!! (Winner Announced!)
Day Ten - Brooke from Covered in Grace (Winner Announced!)
Day Eleven - Group Giveaway!!
Bonus Giveaway!  
Day 12 - Tiffany from Ramblings of a Southern Belle (Winner Announced!)
Day 13 - Kristen from Mama Winkle
Day 14 - Brittany from Natural Nesters
Day 15 - Jac from babEblessings


Notice anything different around here? Why yes! I did get a new blog design! My fabulous BFF from Canada hooked me up as my birthday Present! Woot Woot! Thanks so Much Jac!! Jac is here with the FINAL giveaway of my birthday celebration!
I can’t believe that its been 3 straight weeks of giveaways! Thanks to everyone that’s participated and an even bigger than you to the amazing Ladies who are the givers!
Here’s Jac …

Hi there – It’s Jac from babEblessings – and I so so excited to be here today.
I literally took over Jennifer’s blog last night – if you’re reading this on google reader you need to hope over to her blog!! Click here. Because I gave Jennifer a complete blog makeover!
Jennifer is my real life BFF!! And I miss her so much sometimes – darn Texas. We grew up together and now we chat almost daily. I was racking my brain as to what to give Jennifer for her birthday – I’m all about gifts that will really mean something to the person getting it. Then it hit me!! Since I’m giving away a full blog makeover (see below for more details) why don’t I makeover Jennifer’s blog for her birthday. She’s been commenting on how she would love to actually know the font names and how she wants something a bit different. So here we are.
Jennifer didn’t see anything through the design except the header just at the beginning. I did everything from there because well she’s my best friend and I know her.
Alright, now to the giveaway. I am giving away a full blog makeover. Header, background, buttons (up to 2 designs in 2 sizes each), signature, social media buttons, and side bar banners.
WOW what a prize!!! Somebody is totally going to luck out with this one :)
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Monday, August 20, 2012

29 {Birthdays} + 1 {Blogiversary} = BIG Giveaways! Day 14

Can’ you believe its been 14 days of giveaways already!?!?!? I can’t! And tomorrow is the last giveaway! This month is flying by! The ladies from Natural Nesters are 2 of my favorite bloggers and I am so excited that they are here for today’s giveaway!

Hello everyone!  

 My name is Brittany and I am the Little Sister from Natural-Nesters! I blog over there with my sister where we share home and family ideas and crafts, we share fun home DIY and kids projects, recipes, and much more! We also just started a new blog that is focussed only on fitness! It is a wonderful place to come and be encouraged and spurred on to make your life better and more healthy! That blog is called Designing a Better Me, to be Better for You.
The Natural-Nesters

Today I am giving the readers of Finding My Way In Texas the chance to win an awesome Wire Head Wrap from my store the Naturally-Nifty Boutique!

These headbands are made specially with a moldable wire inside. You do not have to tie the headband, you just have to wrap it around itself. Because it is made with a sturdy, yet moldable wire, it stays in place on your head and does not move around. You can wear it with the tie on top of your head or in the back by your neck, where it can be hidden.

Along with this I will be giving the winner a Large 200x200 Natural-Nesters Ad Space! 

Also for all of the Finding My Way In Texas Readers I am offering 10% off of any order at the Naturally-Nifty Boutique by using the coupon code GRANDOPENING 

Good Luck! 

I know I keep saying I wish I could win the giveaways… but its true! I really do wish I could win them/keep them for myself! Especially this one! :) Thanks Brittany!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Snaps

I literally just got back from doing a photo shoot with the lovely N family. As I was looking through the family pics, I came across this one…

Nelson Fam 347.2
I knew it was the perfect one for this week’s Sunday Snaps! There is nothing in the world like the natural, perfect lighting just before dusk! I love it!
A Beautiful Day
I hope you’ll link up with me and join the Sunday Snaps Party!

Friday, August 17, 2012

29 {Birthdays} + 1 {Blogiversary} = BIG Giveaways! Day 13

Today’s giveaway is from Kristen!

Hey Everyone!! I'm sooo delighted to be a part of this wonderful birthday celebration with Jeniffer! She's too kind with all this giving she's got going on - isn't she the birthday girl? :) Anhoot....On with the show...

So, let me start off by introducing myself - My name is Kristen! I blog over at Mama Winkle's Blog

I have two little bitty princesses named McKenna Mae & Brooklyn Sue. They are ages 3 & 1.
I am madly in love with their father, Mr.B. and he just so happens to be my best, most favorite person in the entire world, besides my kids...and I also claim his last name which I guess means we are married. We've been together almost 6 years and we just keep getting stronger and stronger...It's almost rediculous the amount of love we have for each other, but it's really nice, too!
Although Mr.B. is a corrections officer at the work release jail here in our big city, we also run our very own Dog Grooming shop from our home! That way I'm able to stay home with the girls, have girl time with them and cater to them by doing things like cook, clean up after them, be their maid, teacher, nurse, and butt wiper. All jokes aside, I absolutely love my life and I love my job as a wife and mother and a Dog Groomer/Business Owner. Here's a little glimpse at some of my work as a Dog Groomer:

Come on by my blog and you can read all about my crazy life and how I juggle my time between spending my lazy days being just one of the girls with my two girls, being madly in love with my man and also running a Dog Grooming business out of my home. It can get hectic, but it's all worth it in the end...find out how I do all of this and how I like to save money along the way! You'll be surprised!

Also, in my spare time, I love to play around with graphic design and always have. I make all of my own graphics and also digital scrapbooking designs. I make all of our Dog Grooming flyers and marketing tools, like the one you see above, too. It's my way of de-stressing from the day :)

In celebration for Jeniffer's big giveaway, I'll be giving away what you see listed below. Please be available to collaorate via email so we can create something splendid and gorgeous for ya! :) Happy Birthday, Jeniffer~!


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Thursday, August 16, 2012

29 {Birthdays} + 1 {Blogiversary} = BIG Giveaways! Day 12

Day Seven - Emily from Sweet Bella Roos (Winner Announced!)
Day Eight - Emily from Along Came the Boy (Winner Announced!)
Day Nine -  ME!!!
Day Ten - Brooke from Covered in Grace
Day Eleven - Group Giveaway!!
Bonus Giveaway!  

Have you met the Lovely Tif from Ramblings of a Southern Belle? I LOVE this girl! She’s a total doll and always makes me laugh! Take it away Tif!

Since this is a birthday giveaway...I wanted to tell you a little story about my sweet husband, and my last birthday!  Well...let me back up a bit.  I am an OCCASIONS FANATIC...when it's a birthday, Christmas...whatever...I go all the best I can!  So...every year for my hubby's birthday I get cake, ice cream, presents...we go out to dinner...there's usually several cards given...just the way I am. much as I love husband is SO not like that...usually it's just dinner...same place...same thing...every...single Y E A R! LOL! 

So this past February...I started getting all excited about my birthday coming up...I'd already done the "dropping hints" thing ALL YEAR...about a to know...the normal stuff we as women HAVE TO DO in order to TRY and get what we REALLY want!  Can I get an Amen?  LOL!

On the morning of my birthday I woke up and got the standard "Happy Birthday".  Which was nice...but I looked around the card...ugh...the year of hinting was a waste...sigh.  Oh year I thought.  Now mind you...I didn't expect a 300 guest 5 tiered DIAMOND CAKE or anything...but I did expect a little something to celebrate.

Dinner time...I got all dressed up and we left the house.  "Where are we going to eat?""Where do you want to go eat?"  "Ummm...The Cheesecake Factory"  "No...I don't want that..."  (at this point I'm looking at him with my jaw down on the floor...)  "Ok then what do YOU want?"  "Outback Steakhouse"  "ok...then...that will be fine".....same place...again.

We arrived, ordered our BLOOMIN' ONION...which I have to say made me very happy and we started chatting about life....dreams....etc.  At this point I noticed he was really trying to be romantic...cutting my bread, holding my hand...this was nothing like our usual outings....I was happy...just the simple act of holding my hand and cutting my bread made me feel OH SO SPECIAL...then...he excused himself to go wash off the onion on his hands.

When he returned....he handed me a bag...a Walmart bag...I was thinking "What is this?"

"It isn't what you really wanted...but I wanted you to have something really special this year"  I opened the bag and saw the envelope to a card...that made me tear up...a card...when I lifted up the card...there was a blue bag...with the word TIFFANY's on it....I nearly passed out...and immediately started to cry.  "Um...don't you want to open it before you cry?"  "No...(mascara beginning to"  I'm just so happy you got me a card and a present I don't care what it is"

After composing myself...from reading the beautiful card, I slid my hand into the Tiffany bag and pulled out that famous blue box with the white ribbon....I slid the ribbon off the box and opened it to find a little blue bag...and in that bag...was a pair of Tiffany silver hoop earrings.  I cried again.  I made him WAIT until the ugly cry was over and I could fix my makeup before he took this photo:


SO...the REASON he didn't want to go to The Cheesecake Factory....because he had the bag hidden in the truck...and if we went there...he'd have to run across a mall parking lot to get to it.  Moral of the story...I need to just SHUT UP and let him do what he does my husband and best friend!

On to the GIVEAWAY!

You will get:
Charming Charlie Clutch Bag
Journal - Made by:  Pepper Pot
Card Poster Set by: Orla Kiely (each card converts from a card to a small poster.  2 designs, 3 each)


Good luck!  And......HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!!

I WANT THAT BAG!!! And see! I told you she is a hoot! Thanks Tif! :)

Enter to using the Rafflecopter form below.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

29 {Birthdays} + 1 {Blogiversary} = BIG Giveaways! BONUS!!

Day Seven - Emily from Sweet Bella Roos 
Day Eight - Emily from Along Came the Boy 
Day Nine -  ME!!!
Day Ten - Brooke from Covered in Grace
Day Eleven - Group Giveaway!!
Bonus Giveaway!  

I’ve got a bonus giveaway for you today! The lovely Ashley contacted me and wanted to get in on the birthday party fun! How could I say no???
Hi! I’m Ashley. I am a mother to a hyper, adorable 3 year old boy named Mason. I teach 4th grade and my husband, Elliott, works for our counties Sheriff's Office. I love working outside in my amazing (I know I'm biased) flowerbeds! On the weekends, you can usually find our family at Lowe's.
Although I love being a mom, teacher, and  wife, I always wanted something that didn't involve those things. In 2009 I got a Scentsy warmer as a gift and fell in love with Scentsy! As a Scentsy consultant, I get to share my love of Scentsy with others! Scentsy warmers are wickless candles. The warmer melts scented wax with a lightbulb. There is no flame or soot! Also, being as I am a mom and safety is key, the melted wax is very safe for kids and pets. I will confess that my son stuck his whole hand in the wax at one point. He actually thought it was kind of cool.... needless to say I didn't! However, he wasn't burned or hurt at all! Scentsy recently released a new line called Scentsy Layers. This line is filled with body lotions, body washes, and much more. 2 of my new favorite items are the dryer disks and washer whiffs. Who doesn't love GREAT smelling laundry?!?! On August 1sr, Scentsy launched a new brand called Grace Adele! Grace Adele is customizable jewelry, purses, and other accessories. Purses are like girlfriends. You can never have too many, right? I look forward to helping you discover Scentsy products, purchase more products, or begin your own Scentsy business!
Ashley is Giving away…
1 Dotty Full-size Scentsy Warmer
1 Jumpin' Jelly Bean Scentsy Bar
1 Quiver Scentsy Layers Dryer Disk
Have I ever told you all how much I love Scentsy??? I’m totally obsessed! Only I can’t turn it on when my hubs is home. He’ s sensitive to scents, BUT the second he leaves for work each night, my warmer gets turned on and my house smells delicious! Thanks so much Ashley for this AWESOME giveaway!
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Open to US residents only.
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29 {Birthdays} + 1 {Blogiversary} = BIG Giveaways! Day 11

Day Seven - Emily from Sweet Bella Roos 
Day Eight - Emily from Along Came the Boy 
Day Nine -  ME!!!
Day Ten - Brooke from Covered in Grace
Day Eleven - Group Giveaway!!
Bonus Giveaway!  

It’s the last group giveaway! Meet the lovely ladies who are giving away some fab stuff! :)

giveaway necklace
Awesome stuff! I totally wish I could snag the ad space that’s up for grabs!
Enter below with the raffle copter form
ALL entries will be verified.
Open to Residents of the US and Canada
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