Friday, August 17, 2012

29 {Birthdays} + 1 {Blogiversary} = BIG Giveaways! Day 13

Today’s giveaway is from Kristen!

Hey Everyone!! I'm sooo delighted to be a part of this wonderful birthday celebration with Jeniffer! She's too kind with all this giving she's got going on - isn't she the birthday girl? :) Anhoot....On with the show...

So, let me start off by introducing myself - My name is Kristen! I blog over at Mama Winkle's Blog

I have two little bitty princesses named McKenna Mae & Brooklyn Sue. They are ages 3 & 1.
I am madly in love with their father, Mr.B. and he just so happens to be my best, most favorite person in the entire world, besides my kids...and I also claim his last name which I guess means we are married. We've been together almost 6 years and we just keep getting stronger and stronger...It's almost rediculous the amount of love we have for each other, but it's really nice, too!
Although Mr.B. is a corrections officer at the work release jail here in our big city, we also run our very own Dog Grooming shop from our home! That way I'm able to stay home with the girls, have girl time with them and cater to them by doing things like cook, clean up after them, be their maid, teacher, nurse, and butt wiper. All jokes aside, I absolutely love my life and I love my job as a wife and mother and a Dog Groomer/Business Owner. Here's a little glimpse at some of my work as a Dog Groomer:

Come on by my blog and you can read all about my crazy life and how I juggle my time between spending my lazy days being just one of the girls with my two girls, being madly in love with my man and also running a Dog Grooming business out of my home. It can get hectic, but it's all worth it in the end...find out how I do all of this and how I like to save money along the way! You'll be surprised!

Also, in my spare time, I love to play around with graphic design and always have. I make all of my own graphics and also digital scrapbooking designs. I make all of our Dog Grooming flyers and marketing tools, like the one you see above, too. It's my way of de-stressing from the day :)

In celebration for Jeniffer's big giveaway, I'll be giving away what you see listed below. Please be available to collaorate via email so we can create something splendid and gorgeous for ya! :) Happy Birthday, Jeniffer~!


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