Friday, August 10, 2012

29 {Birthdays} + 1 {Blogiversary} = BIG Giveaways! Day 8

I’m happy to introduce you to yet another Emily! She’s hanging out on my sidebar this month and I am having fun getting to know her! If you’re wanting some blog redesign work done anytime soon, than this giveaway is for you!
Hi! My name is Emily and I blog over at then along came the boy. There you will find me blogging about me adventures in raising my two boys...the boy, who is just over 2 years and, little brother who is 5 months old.
I started my blog last year to keep in touch with my family, and too keep a record of my kids. So far it's been fun looking back at pictures and stories of when the boy was just a little baby, and to see the changes in little brother since birth.

It wasn't until last winter that I realized how important the look and feel of your blog is. I took a couple of html classes and got a hold of a couple of programs that allow me to create designs and buttons, and with that came a lot of blog design changes for me. Then shortly after that I started to offer my services to the public! So, I'm here to offer up a basic design package for the birthday celebration. The package consists of a background, header, navigation bar, social media buttons, and installation for a blogger hosted blog (sorry no wordpress!)
Eeeek! Those boys are just so darned cute!
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Open to US and Canada residents. ALL entries WILL be verified.
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  1. My favorite birthday was for my 40th. My hubby had diamond bands added to my wedding ring-was thrilled!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. My favorite birthday was my 20th, I was working in a place where everyone made a big deal and gave tons of presents when you turn 21 and everyone thought I was 21 but I was only 20, I got showered with gifts to my surprise and when I told everyone I was only 20 they thought it was really funny, and guess what? The next year on my real 21st I got the love of gifts again, we all still talk about that to this day and I am now 40 LOL

  3. Oh in my rush to tell you about my 20th I missed out the most important part, Happy Birthday Jennifer x

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday, Jennifer!!!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!! My favorite birthday is every birthday...I always say it's my favorite holiday ;)

  6. Happy Birthday girl! I love b-days..I try to get away with celebrating all month long!

  7. happy birthday! thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  8. Happy birthday, Jennifer! I hope you get every single thing you want! (:


  9. Many happy birthdays in the future to you as well! My oldest son was born 2 days before my birthday one year. that was a pretty good gift!

  10. I hope your birthday was wonderful Jen!

  11. Happy Bday Jennifer!! Hope you had a wonderful day :)

  12. Happy happy Birthday Jennifer!!!


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