Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Snaps: Thanks Rain!


You’ve heard the term “Curb Appeal” right? Well my house is a little lacking in that department. Then again I live in Texas and we haven’t exactly been getting tons of rain during the summer.

Well up until about 3 weeks ago that is! Its been raining a couple times a week lately and Nature is coming back to life! The Grass is greener, the bushes don’t look like a bundle of sticks and my rose bush has started flowering again!

sunday snaps

Great big, perfect, beautiful roses! Want to know the crazy thing? This bush had WHITE roses in the spring! I don’t know much about roses, or flowers, or gardening for that matter, but I wasn’t expecting pink roses! My hubby’s grandmother planted this bush and nurtured it carefully. I am hoping to learn more about roses and gardening this fall and have a get few veggies planed next spring :)

By this time next year, our curb appeal should be much higher! At least, that’s the plan ;)


  1. Beautiful rose! The only good side to no rain is you don't have to mow the grass!

  2. Beautiful rose! Glad you guys are getting more rain. :)

  3. Hi!! The rose might have changed color due to the PH levels in your soil. Or, if the white was a result in cross genetics (with one of the roots being pink), it may have reverted to a root color. I don't know much about flowers though. I lean towards growing veggies. =)

  4. Jennifer, You have been featured on Sunday Snaps! Thank you so much for linking up and congratulations! Sarah nd I hope to see you again this week.


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