Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I’m kinda freaking out…

I mentioned on Monday (here) that I get to go to Bloggy Boot Camp on Saturday! SATURDAY!
What am I going to wear?
And what do I need to bring?
And what the flippity-flip-flip am I GOING TO WEAR?
Can you tell I’m freaking out?
The budgets tight around here, and a massive shopping spree is out of the question. So I’m going to have to “shop my closet” But I think I might be able to get a new accessory or maybe a new top. We’ll have to see.
But the big thing is what am I supposed to bring with me to a blogging conference?
I’ve got the obvious things…
- business cards
- note book and pens
- water bottle
But what else do I need to take?
Have you been to a conference and thought “Man! I totally should have brought __________” What was it? Tell me! I don’t want to get caught off guard!

{I think I need this T shirt!}


  1. Definitely the items you listed above plus I would recommend taking your cell phone charger. Especially if you will be using it as your camera!

    I found this website that might be helpful:

  2. Sorry, I am no help! Never been to a blogging conference. I cant wait to hear about your experience, though!

  3. You, my dear, will be fine! You will look great and people will LOVE could they not????

    1. You said it perfectly Jules, took the words right outta my mouth, so to speak. :P

  4. I was gonna say what Jules said, ssssssooooo, you just keep saying to yourself what Jules said and know we are with you in Spirit! ((hugs)) :D


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