Thursday, September 6, 2012

I’m a sharpie-mug Picasso!


sharpie mug 019.1

Did you ever make one of these abstract drawings as a kid? I did all the time… I still do on occasion :) This was my inspiration for my sharpie mug. What's a Sharpie mug you ask? Well if you don’t know then you’re probably not on pinterest ;) I saw it over on A Beautiful Mess first and I’ve been wanting to try it out for ages! Here’s the thing though… I couldn’t find a plain white mug ANYWHERE in my tiny podunk town! SO I thought I’d try it on a CLEAR mug :)

sharpie mug 003.1

You don’t need much to make something pretty! Grab your sharpies and a mug!

sharpie mug 004.1

Draw squiggly lines all over your mug! Give the sharpie a couple seconds to completely dry.

sharpie mug 007.1

Start to color inside the lines. Alternate the colors or don’t. Its your mug! Go nuts! Have fun! Be Creative!

sharpie mug 012.1

I decided to leave some of the sections empty :) Heat the oven up to 350 degrees and stick the mug in for 30ish minutes. Allow to cool completely. I gave my mug a “scratch test” and the color stuck. I haven’t washed it yet… so we’ll see how that goes. I imagine that different mugs have different glazes and that each one will react differently. I am hoping to eventually get some ceramic paints, so I can create something truly permanent.

But I love this mug!!!! It’s a little eclectic, reminds me of my childhood and its awesome! Guess what I am currently drinking my coffee out of? :)


  1. I keep seeing this on Pinterest and wondered if it worked. Very cute!
    And I love the blog makeover!

  2. Love this!! I would like to do this to a clear glass candle holder and put a little tea light in it!! Thanks for sharing!!
    -Kristen@ fewofmyfavoritethingsblog

  3. This is really cool and I think even I could do

  4. we still need a lunch date!!!!!

  5. Such a clever idea. I'd have never thought to actually bake the colour on, I tried it before without doing so and the colour rubbed off in the wash! =D

  6. saw that on pinterest! so glad you tried it. makes me want to go buy a mug at the dollar store and have fun!


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