Monday, September 10, 2012

Guess What I’m doing on Saturday???


I get to go to Bloggy Boot Camp in Dallas!

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I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about going! And how blessed I feel that God was able to work out the details for me!

When Bloggy Boot Camp was announced I was excited that a conference was coming to the DFW area. But that was about it. I knew that there wasn’t any room in the budget for me to be able to go. So I never even mentioned it to Hubby, because I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I got the following text from one of my besties…


It took some creative thinking, a bunch of tweets and some finagling, BUT I AM GOING TO BLOGGY BOOT CAMP!

My Mother in Law is driving me half way, and then I am getting picked up by Kelley :) I am sooooo stinking excited! I get to meet some of “My Texas Girls” and  one of my favoritest people on the face of the planet all in one day! Plus the awesome things that I will be learning that day.

Its going to be EPIC!

I apologize in advance for flooding your instagram on Saturday ;)


  1. thats awesome! I can't wait to hear what you have learned!!!

  2. What what! Its going to be so much funnnn!!

  3. jealous that you two get to go! i wish it wasn't so expensive or else i'd have gone too!


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