Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weigh In Vol. 9


Well I made it to the meeting today! Yay!

I wasn’t entirely sure that I would make it in time to weigh in! The past 18 hours have been a bit emotional and chaotic here. On Wednesday I introduced you to the newest member of our family, Riah. Last night around 9 pm I noticed that she was walking oddly and had a large swelled bump on her left, rear hock (that’s dog speak for knee).

I started to worry.

I texted a friend who has a dog. I called another friend that just graduated from school to be a vet tech. I prayed. I googled. I called my hubby… 3 times. I iced her leg. I prayed some more.

And all through it Riah seemed calm and happy. She continued to play. She was still limping and didn’t put her weight on the leg any more than was absolutely necessary. Around 1 am I called it a night. Tucked her in her crate, said a prayer that she would be better in the morning, and took myself off to bed.

Surprisingly I actually slept. That’s probably due to the fact that I haven’t slept more than 2.5 hours at a time since Wednesday. Aren’t puppies fun? *insert sarcastic grin here*

She was in obvious pain when we got up for the day at 7:30 and I immediately called the vet. Fortunately they were able to see her right away! The vet thinks that she either had a sticker/grass bur work its way into her skin and it go infected or she got bit by a spider! Poor little darling :( They lanced it, flushed it and drained it a bit. It nearly killed me to sit in the waiting room while my puppy whined and cried as the “operated”. AGONY!

They brought her out, tail wagging and she limped over to me for some cuddles :) She’s on antibiotics for the next week and she should be perfectly ok! Thank goodness!

I got her home and tucked in her crate with just enough time to make it to my Weight Watchers weigh in. I had no idea if I was going to be up or down. With the new puppy I hadn’t been paying that much attention to the scale.

I lost 3.8 pounds!!!

Woot Woot!

I got another 5 pound sticker this week and I got over the 10 pound mark! I’m officially down 11.8 pounds! :) Only a couple hundred left to go ;)

This week my goal is to play with the puppy lots, do some puppy training, work out at least 3 times, and continue to limit my night time snacking :)


I’ll be back shortly for my Blog Angel Reveal!!


  1. Poor thing-- sorry to hear about Riah! Glad she is on the mend. Woo hoo about your 3.8lbs! Congrats girl

  2. So glad that Riah is on the mend! Congratulations on the awesome weigh in results....that is certainly something to be proud of!!!!



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