Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chin Up Butter Cup - Sign Tutorial


Sign Tutorial (14).1

I LOVE word art… but I don’t have a cameo or a cricut :( So I always felt like I couldn’t make pretty word art like everyone else. Until one day months and months ago I came across a tutorial on using chalk on the back of your design. Of course now I have no idea where I saw it and I didn’t pin it… silly me! So I thought I’d show you how I made this Ombre Word Art WITHOUT Vinyl :)

Sign Tutorial (1)-002

What you need:

Chalk (a contrasting color to what you’re painting is Ideal)
Paints – 2 or 3 shades of the same color, white, and a contrasting color for the text.
8x10 canvas or piece of wood
Paintbrushes – fine tipped for the outline, one slightly larger and flat to fill in the letter, and one for blending in the ombre colors
Newspaper to make clean up easier

Sign Tutorial (2)-001Sign Tutorial (3)-001Sign Tutorial (4)-001

Start by laying your canvas flat on top of newspaper. Using the darkest paint, squeeze a line at the top of the canvas. Paint to the edges and a third of the way down. Add the next paint in the same manner. Be sure to blend them together. Add white at the bottom, blend well.

Sign Tutorial (6)-001

Allow the paint to completely dry.

Sign Tutorial (7)-001Sign Tutorial (8)-001

Using your computer and printer, print the desired saying in a Bold font with straight lines. Flip that sheet over and on the BACK scribble over the words with the chalk. Making sure to leave as thick a layer as possible.

Sign Tutorial (9)-001Sign Tutorial (10)-001Sign Tutorial (11)-001

Place the quote on top of the canvas, right side up and tape in place. Using a pen or pencil trace along the edge of the letters using consistent pressure.

Sign Tutorial (12)-001Sign Tutorial (13)-001

Once all the letters are traced, carefully remover the tape and sheet, revealing the chalk letters. With a fine tipped brush carefully outline the letter in white paint. Using a slightly larger paintbrush, carefully fill in each letter as you go. Working from top to bottom.

Once the paint is completely dry use a damp clothe or paper towel to remove the left over chalk.

Sign Tutorial (14)-001

And there you have your word art without using any vinyl! I think I’m going to go make another one now! :)


I’ll be back in a couple hours to announce the official name of my new lace clutches and the winners! :) Check back soon!


  1. I have a Cricut but sometimes I don't have the right font. You would do this with any font directly from your computer! Great tutorial! I'm pinning this one.

  2. This is such a clever idea. I don't have a machine either and this would definitely work. Thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  3. What a great idea! Love it!

  4. Great tutorial! I featured you this week at my Unveil Your Genius link party! I hope you'll link up again soon! :)

  5. Ok I love this post! I wanted to do this a long time ago and tried something off of Pinterest and it was a COMPLETE FAILURE! this looks like it would work great! I am going to try it soon!! Thanks for sharing this at our party!

    Just wanted to let you know that we featured this at our Naturally-Nifty Party this week! Stop by and check it out and grab a featured button to brag with! We will also be pinning this!


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