Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Guest Post! Emily from Insanity Rules

I recently met Emily through the Texas Bloggers Facebook group I started. She’s a total sweetheart and when I asked if anyone was interested in guest posting for me this week she was the first one to volunteer! AND she had this post to me practically the next day! I knew there was a reason I liked her so much! Maybe her “on-the-ball-ness” will rub off on me :)
Take it away Emily!

Morning y'all! I'm Emily from Insanity Rules w/3 little boys. I'm so excited to be posting here at Finding My Way In Texas. I feel truly blessed to have met Jennifer because she has led me to meet so many other blogging woman who live here in the huge state of Texas. Jennifer and I have a few things in common. We both ended up in Texas because we married Texans and we both get lost driving around the cities we currently live in. Although I have to say after living here for 7 something years I'm getting better as long as I don't drive in Dallas! Hate trying to find my way around there. My father always did say I was directionally challenged. :) So what do I blog about or do well here ya go...

Here on Insanity Rules we do Crazy for sure!

After all I'm the mom of three little boys and most of lifes funnies happen because of them. That's my little man and his excited face. Trust me when I say there is no shortage of dancing around, light saber fights, talking loudly, and laughter at this house. Some days I'm really grateful that my two oldest go to school so there is a little piece and quite before the raucous starts. It is summer now though and it's one big Insane party all the time around here.

I definitely do crafts and I love to change up my decor. I'm currently working on our front entry hallway.

 This is a name frame and I totally love to make these and you can actually find a tutorial on making your own here on my blog. 

Blogging for me has become a great way to meet people, share my love of jewelry, reading, scrap booking, crafting, and just my day to day crazy life. I would love for you to come by and check out the blog. Thanks Jennifer for letting me stop by. Enjoy the Insanity that is life ladies.

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