Sunday, June 3, 2012


I recently met Brittany, a fellow Texan, and she introduced me to her sister Cassie! I am so thrilled to count these ladies among my bloggy buddies! Take it away Cassie!

I am so excited to be given the opportunity to Guest Post over here at Finding My Way In Texas! My name is Cassey and I blog over at Natural-Nesters. I am only 1/2 of the blog though, as I blog with my Little Sis, Brittany. I am honored anytime I am able to blog, even on our own blog, because my sister is definitely the back bone of our blog! We blog about crafts, life, vacations, daycare, kids, marriage, God, etc. 

When we were given this chance, I took it before Little Sis could. I am all about finding ways to Keep It Simple! Being a Stay At Home Mom who runs a daycare it is vital that I find ways to make things easier on our day to day lives. Being able to be home is a dream come true for me and it is important to me that my husband and son have hot meals most days/meals of the week. I have taught school the past five years and being home is something I never saw myself doing-- until I had a baby. 

I have many outlets to making life simple in our house and they include LISTS, no TV until baby is asleep, gardening, routines, oh and did I say LISTS? I have lived by lists the past few months as they are the only way I can even keep up it seems. But today I wanted to talk about something that is a bit newer in my house and something I am loving!! 

Batch Cooking! 

Somedays finding the time to ensure that all of my kids in daycare have a healthy, home cooked meal can be difficult. Though I plan our meals each weekend for the next week... there are some days that life takes over and I am not able to make our meals the way I do on all days! Also, with the schedule my husband works I am able to cook him a hot breakfast, but I have to pack his lunch and dinner... and to be honest, there are some days I am lacking a meal to pack if not two. What better answer to this than batch cooking? It did take a little bit of preparation and time on my part... but after the initial day of doing the batch cooking... I have had lots of quick meals that are frozen. So what did I do?

I spent one day preparing pizza muffins (similar to pizza bagels), pizza hot pockets, ham and cheese pockets, and burritos. After I cooked and prepped each of these meals, I packed them up individually and froze them. It is awesome because if I am in need of a quick meal for anyone in my family all I have to do is walk to the freezer and pull out one of these meals... pop in the microwave and BOOM! We have a meal. 

This, my friends, is the newest and best way I am keeping it Simple in my house!! I hope you enjoy! If you are interested in the recipes I used... come visit us over at Natural-Nester, as I will be doing a blog post on these very soon!! 

Happy Batch Cooking! 
-Big Sis

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-Natural Nesters

Thanks for sharing Cassie! This is a fabulous idea and something I definitely need to do more of!

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