Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesdays are Adventurous!


Around here, due to Mule’s schedule, weekends are Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. Normally, we go for a drive, try a new restaurant or work on the house. This past “weekend”… not so much.

I was rudely awoken by a very loud chain saw. I forgot that there were guys coming to chop down Betty & Boop (aka the MASSIVE, 90 year old twin pines in my backyard) They came down with a crash!

camping and other things 002-2 camping and other things 001-1

A little while later, I was cutting fabric for some projects, when the hubs came in and said “ Its going to be nice tonight. We’re going camping! You’ve got 15 minutes to pack.” Just what every woman wants to hear!

It was closer to an hour by the time we left, but we had everything we’d need for 36ish hours in the “wild”. We didn’t have to go far, there is a lake about 25 minutes from the house, perfect for camping.

camping and other things 004-1

Took an hour+, but we got camp set up, wood collected and our fire ready to go.

camping and other things 006-1100_0453-1

Scoot came too! He LOVED running around all the open space.

camping and other things 011-1100_0463-1

Mule went fishing. Which was pretty much the only reason he wanted to go camping.


He even caught a small bass :) I think I was more excited than he was.


Can’t beat this view!


Me in all my icky, no-makeup, camping glory. Oh and I got a wicked sunburn :s My shoulders were almost the color of that shirt!


We were blessed with a fantastic sunset.

100_0467-1camping and other things 032-1camping and other things 031-1camping and other things 029-1

The sunset was worth all the work of setting up.


Approximately 10 minutes after the sun was gone… Mule got cold, really cold. We checked the forecast and the night’s low droped from 51 to 44 degrees. It took Mule all of 12 seconds to decide we needed to pack up and go home. Although slightly annoyed about having spent FOREVER setting up the tent and camp area, I wasn’t too disappointed at having a bathroom again.

So home to flushing toilets and running water we went.


Next time I think we’ll just pack a picnic and go for the day!


  1. thanks for being our spotlight this week, hope you're enjoying it and meeting some new bloggers! I am from Texas too!!

    what a fun trip and that puppy of yours is precious! great views and you captured some gorgeous photos of nature!

  2. Hi, stopping by on the Wed. hop and looking forward to reading more. Its always a bummer to have to take down such old trees. :( Your puppy is adorable! Looks like you had a beautiful night for camping, sorry to hear it got cold, but with sunburn it is nice to be home in your own bed, and not enough can be said about the joys of running water. ;) Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hi! Saw your story highlighted on "take it from me"! I love your story and think you would like mine as well being that I moved from DE to live in SD. I'm looking for bloggers to share their stories. Stop by and see if it's something you'd like to do. I'm a followers :)

  4. I love camping! It looks beautiful there. I'm planning a big post-graduation camping trip in the mountains for us and all of our stressed-out, brain-fried school friends. It's been years since I've camped, I seriously can not wait!


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