Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stale Stash Swap Time!

I’ve been excited for this swap since Lucy @ Charm About You announced it :)
Charm About You

I recently sorted through my MASSIVE pile for fabrics and organized them. In the process I decided that there are some pieces that I am not likely to use any time soon. Therefore, we swap!
None of these are designer, if you’d like to pick 2 or one of the larger pieces to swap for the designer pieces I am ok with that :) And of course, these are not the best pics, taken quickly outside when the rain stopped for all of 7 minutes :s
fat quarter swap 002-001

Daisies on green background
fat quarter swap 004-001

Yellow with polkadots
fat quarter swap 006-001

Pink Tie-dye
fat quarter swap 008-001

Tiger stripes or flames? I can’t decide
fat quarter swap 011-001

Yellow and cream stripes (this is an odd cut and is closer to half a yard.)
more fabric 001-001

Cream with brown circles (odd cut, closer to 1/3 of a yard) Swapped!
more fabric 003-001

Whiney the Pooh with pink and blue balloons (odd cut, closer to 1/2 yard)

I also have to piles of smaller, mixed scraps up for grabs. :)

I will update the list as things are “claimed” :)


  1. Thanks so much for joining in!!
    Would you mind putting a link or the swap button on your blog so people can see the other swaps too?
    Happy swapping :)

  2. Did I read scraps? lol. I love the cream and brown circles and the winnie the pooh. I'm no.4 on Lucy's list =D

  3. I have a crush on your 'cream with brown circles'. I am #18 on the Swap Link page. I have Easter and Halloween novelty prints to swap if you are interested.


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