Saturday, March 24, 2012

My sidebar is looking a little lonely!



Hello lovelies!

I recently did some much needed blog maintenance and ended up cleaning out my sidebar… cause I had buttons for things from October. Silly me!

But now its looking lonely!

I’m not ready to take paying sponsors just yet, But I do want to fill up that sidebar!

Here is my proposal…

In return for placing one of my buttons on your sidebar for the month of April, you get….


Only 1 available this month! Get it while you can :)


large spot

Only 2 available.


medium spot

2 available



4 available.


All I am asking is that you put up on of my buttons on your blog for the months of April. If you need a specific size just let me know :)Your button will go up in my sidebar as soon as I get the code from you and will stay there until the end of April. Email me ASAP :)


If you’re just interested in guest posting, having a giveaway, or a product review you can also email me at jenniferjayne13 {at} gmail {dot} com

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