Saturday, March 31, 2012

March is over…


And I am completely OK with that!

March was definitely not my month :( Here’s what went on around here in March…

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mug rugs 020-1

1. Taco Pie Awesome-ness!
2. Got Featured on Welcome Wednesday :)
3. Made some mug rugs and fell in love with them
4. My Bff Jac popped by for a visit


Charm About Yoularge spot


bakesalebake sale & pink quilt 072

1. Participated in the Stale Stash Swap
2. Opened up my sidebar for some swap ads and free sponsorships
3. Helped out at a fundraising bake sale and 5k run.
4. Finally finished my Pink Pinwheel quilt

Pinned ImagePhotobucket

1. Had a health set back, but whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :)
2. The Spring into Spring Swap :)


All in all March was a good-ish month, But I KNOW that April is going to be even better! Fabulous in fact!! :)

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