Thursday, March 22, 2012

Announcing the Spring into Spring Swap!

Are you a fan of spring cleaning? I’m not sure what it is about the change in seasons, but I find myself compelled to clean, organize and spruce everything in sight! So of course that means that I have things that I’ve either changed my mind about using, are leftover from projects or I no longer need.
So that means….


Its time to swap!
On March 28th I’ll be opening a Spring into Spring link party!
Do you want to join in the fun swapping?!
Here are the details:
 What can you swap?
Pretty much anything in good/new/or like new condition! Clothes, books, movies, decorations. You can also swap things like photo editing, ad space, blog design, hosting a giveaway or a guest post on your blog. Do you have an online shop? Swap ad space or reviews! Swap things you don’t need or want anymore for something that you do! Swap design skills (that’s how I got this awesome blog design!). Keep in mind the restrictions of the post office (nothing illegal, no nail polish, pirated materials, etc.) If you own it, made it, created it, bought it, or designed it, than you can swap it. When in doubt, shoot me an email at jenniferjayne13 {at} Gmail {dot} com
How do you post your swap?
 Write a post on your blog with a photo of the item(s) you’d like to swap and and what you’d be willing to accept in a return swap. Link it up here with the linky I’ll be posting March 28th. Please include the swap button on your blog post so that others can join the fun! Also be sure to let everyone know where you’re willing to ship to (Only USA, Internationally etc.)
Be specific about what you have and what you’re looking for.
What next?
Feel free to contact the other swappers to arrange your trade, make an offer come to an agreement, swap addresses then carefully package your bits of swappy fun and ship it off to your fabulous new friend(s) as soon as you can!
The linky will open on March 28th and close on April 1st.

Be sure to post the button on your side bar too so that others can join in on the swap-ortunity!


  1. Have you checked my giveaway winner list yet?? You may want to. :)

  2. Sounds like fun!! Think i'll be joining in with this...have a few items to swap!


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