Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinned it, Made it! #12

Thanks to everyone that partied with us last week! I love seeing what you’re inspired to make :) Lets Party!

Pinned It, Made It! is hosted by Myself here on Finding my way, and my Bloggy BFF's Meig and Brandi, of Crafty Girl Squared! On Tuesdays, both blogs will post our top picks!! So that is double to chance to get featured :)
The "RULES":
Please, Please, Please follow both Finding My Way in Texas AND Crafty Girl Squared
Give Credit where Credit is due! Please include the ORIGINAL link from your inspiration, in your post. Life is more fun when we all play nice :)
Add our Button to your post so that others can discover this party and join in on all the fun!
Feel free to link up any project, be it food, craft or DIY, that you’ve been inspired to create because of something you pinned!
Can't wait to see what you create!!


  1. Thanks, Jennifer, for hosting! I'm a member of the new group Bloggers Unite on fb - Ruthie from
    And I'm so excited!!! Thanks for volunteering to help lead us along, I look forward to learning from you!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Jennifer.
    Have a great weekend!


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