Monday, April 16, 2012

Sickly Sundays


It feels like I’ve been sick for forever! Even though its only been a week, it feels so much longer! Ever notice how when you’re sick days seem to drag by? All you want to do is sleep and then at night you’re wide awake?

I didn’t do much this past week but sit in a recliner and whine. Yep I’m one of THOSE sickly people. I’m fine with pain. I deal with it on a daily basis, but give me the sinus infection, ear infection, strep throat combo (from hell!) and I’m whinier than the most annoying 2 year old. Fortunately my hubby was sweet to me and catered to most of my whims and my MIL came over a bunch to help with the house.

I’m still not 100% but I woke up yesterday with a bit of energy and accomplished quite a bit. I was nice enough to stay home from church and keep my germs to myself :)


I sorted out our massive change jar and counted everything but the pennies! Over $200!!
I got my editing hat on and finally got to work on F’s pictures from last week.


We’re planning a couple of mini-vacations right here in Texas! I can’t wait!
I clipped lots of coupons :) I might not be Extreme couponing material, but I’m gonna save at least $100 :)


Charm squares for the Rainbow Swap I’m participating in :)


Today has been ok, but not as productive. I’ve been making lots of phone calls, writing lists, and organizing things for the Shop to Adopt event in just 3 Weeks! So much to do, so little time!

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