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{KISS}–Samantha from The Peanuts Gang

KISS 225 x 150
I’m so thrilled to be starting this series! And we’re starting off with a Samantha from The Peanuts Gang

Keep It Simple :: Family Dates
Before we had kids, we were people about town - dates, double dates, movies, dinners, you name it, we were self-proclaimed {ahem} socialites. When Charlie (now three) arrived, things changed a bit, but we incorporated him into our routine and he came with us wherever we went! Finding a sitter was easy because watching one child is easier for the sitter (and cheaper for us!) But then Jack (now 1) came along and our days (and nights) out on the town alluded us. Instead, we spent most evenings winding down, changing diapers, and losing sleep.  Finding a sitter when Jack was so young was also difficult because not many people will willingly watch two little ones, one of which is an infant.
That's when we instituted Family Dates (usually Friday nights!) The key to this family tradition is its simplicity. We stay in, find one movie, and have something for dinner that's either ordered out and requires minimal cooking. The simpler, the better! During these nights, family chores are put aside and we just enjoy being a family! The movie is always family friendly (That's how we fell in love with Tangled!) and we can be flexible based on the temperament of the boys. One night we shared fondue (and Charlie loved dipping!) which had cheese & cut-up vegetables, chicken & bread. Other days, we'd toss in a frozen pizza, order from our favorite local pizza place, or grab sandwiches from Subway. Lately, most Friday nights are occupied with two favorite stand-bys: Chipotle and Shark Tank. The boys gobble up Chipotle while mommy and daddy get a "date" with Shark Tank.
Sometimes, we also spend time during the day enjoying our neighborhood and local nature centers (Lake Katherine orthe Morton Arboretum). We recently had a rash of unseasonably warm weather and we spent almost every night after daddy got home from work at the park or walking the downtown area of a nearby town and even snagged our first ice cream treat of the season. All of these things require little effort, little planning, and in many cases, are free or cost next to nothing.
It's perfect, simple, and relaxing.

Spending time with family doesn't always need to mean rushing from place to place or packing twenty bags just to get somewhere. Date night also doesn't need to be overwhelming or stressful as you plan where to go, who to get to babysit or how to spend as little money as possible.  Simple really can be better - your favorite people  doing your favorite things and enjoying your favorite eats in the comfort of your own home.
What's your favorite simple thing to do as a family?

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  1. Your family date night sounds perfect!! I can't wait until I've got my own Lottle family to do fun things like that with.. When I was a kid our families thing was 'picnic in the loungeroom' basically mum made sandwiches or something easy for dinner and laid the picnic rug on the floor where we sat down to eat, always off plastic cuttleey so there were no dishes and then a block of chocolate to share for desert... So simple but I have the best memories of it!


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