Monday, April 2, 2012

Currently In April...


Currently Counting Down To: The Shop to Adopt Fundraiser! So much to do!!!
Currently Super Proud: Mule and I have been working hard to stick to the budget we’ve created. Its actually working! Its nice to finally feel like we’re “getting ahead”
Currently Reading: Nothing! I’m in between books at the moment and haven’t had a chance to hit the thrift stores :(
Currently Thinking: I need to get over my stage fright issues!
Currently Mule’s Favorite Thing: Duck Dynasty!
Currently Scoot's Favorite Thing: Eating my brand new socks
Currently Saving All My Pennies For: A new sewing machine… Old Faithful just isn’t cutting it any more :( 
Currently Wanting To Travel To:
Bali! and I blame that on “Eat, Pray, Love”!
Currently Wanting In My Craft Cupboard: a cameo! I am hardcore craving one of those babies 
Currently Wanting To Learn:
More about HTML coding… maybe then I won’t want to toss my laptop out the window every time I need to make a button!
Currently Drooling Over: Maxi Dresses… There are several I want to buy and a couple I want to make!
Currently Confessing: By Jesus stripes I am healed!
|Currently Listening To: Random gibberish from the WWE announcers… I’m too lazy at the moment to get the remote on the other side of the room and change the channel.
Currently Obsessed With: SMASH! Katherine McPhee is incredible! and its currently recording, so no worries :) 
Currently Addicted To:
Mini Wheats! Yummmmm!
Currently Fantasizing About: Winning a mega millions lottery… oh the fun that could be had with 600+ million!
Currently Sad Because: my back hurts
Currently My Motto:  Lift with your knees!
Currently Dreaming Of: A new Nikon… mmmm Nikon!
Currently Needing To Update: Some profile pictures. I just noticed that they’re kinda old
Currently Yearning For: a maid. enough said
Currently Want To See In My Closet: A hot pair of wedge sandals.
Currently Enjoying: My hubby’s recliner.
Currently Have A Girl Crush On: Katherine McPhee
Currently Shopping: Going to the “city” with my MIL tomorrow… we’re gonna get our shopping on!
Currently Discovered: How fabulous it is to connect with other bloggers.
Currently Redecorating: the spare room. Its almost empty… then the fun begins :D


  1. This is a fun list. And we have many that are the same. I love dreaming about the futures and what ifs. :)


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