Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Little Thrifting with My Love


Yesterday was a pretty typical Wednesday around here. Mule was off so we puttered around the house, I went through the 5 stages of technical difficulty with Linky Tools (btw Brent, the creator is AWESOME! He was quick to answer emails, offer suggestions and helped keep me from throwing my laptop out the window!), we got some cleaning done, finally bought a couch!, went out for lunch and hit up a couple thrift stores!

I do love me some thrift store-ing :)

Around here it can be pretty hit and miss… #smalltownproblem… but not yesterday! I hit the mother load at just one store! If only I’d also won the lottery yesterday. Cause even though most of it was reasonably priced, if I’d gotten everything I loved, I’d be feeding my husband Ramen Noodles for the next 3 weeks :s

If you follow me on Instagram (@jenniferintexas), you would have seen some of the awesomeness, but its only right that I share the love with my readers too!



I’m so in love with this hutch! I would paint it either grey or mint green and fill it with white ceramics! Course I have absolutely no where to put it right now… but a girl can dream. Right?


Spindles are cool! I have no idea what to do with them, but they’re cool!


This door spoke to me! Then I checked the tag…. and ran away before if could talk me into taking it home. Not everything I found today was reasonably priced :(


Gunny Sacks are the shiz-nit! and at less than $5 each I’m going back tomorrow and buying them all!


I am also going back to get this beauty! A little cleaning and this trunk just might be the new love of my life! (just kidding Babe, I’ll always love you best)


If I had kids/space/clue what to do with it, I would have been ALL over this double desk. the patina on the wood is To. Die. For!


I want… no… I NEED this pink enamel serving cart. I just don’t think I can convince Mule of my need. He’d say “its pink!” and that would be the end of that discussion. Too bad :(


I love all these things and there are even more that I took pics of and didn’t post to instagram yet! I’m thinking I need to open a reclaimed/vintage/handmade store that has a kick butt coffee bar! I have the perfect friend in mind to help me with it too! I’m still trying to convincer her that Texas is where its at! ;)

If you’re even close to Bowie, Texas than you need to come check out our thrift/vintage stores! And if you do, let me know cause I wanna go with you! Then maybe we can have coffee and gossip like old friends? :)


PS. I’m also hanging out at my new bloggy BFF, Randee’s blog! Go check it out! I’m tootin my own horn hehe :)




  1. Love your thrifting goodies! I wish we had thrift stores down in Corpus.. if we do.. I dont know where they are. Which is equally sad. Ha :)

  2. I wish I could find even one thing like you did at a thrifting trip. That first piece is Ahhhh mazing! I'm a new linky follower :D

  3. Oh I adore that pink cart!! I too would have left it, for the same reason (hubby who doesn't like pink). And I think a vintage store/coffee bar combo is the greatest idea ever.


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