Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weigh In Vol. 12 (corrected)


Apparently when you miss a weigh in, they don’t skip a spot in your tracker, they just use that week when you do weigh in next time. So while I thought that this weigh in would be #14, it was actually #12 :)

So that means that I have 4 more weigh ins until my 16 week mark/award! Yay! I have 4 more weeks to feel better about “the number”.

This week I lost 1.4 pounds! It feels like its been forever since I had a loss that was more than a pound :) Yay!

I’m gonna try and get back to “normal” this week. I’m still recovering from my last flare up, and I still feel crazy tired by 11 am. I’m going to get my Mojo back this week!

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