Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weigh In Vol. 10?


Nope. I didn’t go to the meeting today.

Part of me was hiding and the other part was legitimately busy ;)

Friends of mine were having a garage and bake sale to help raise funds for their adoption! I’ve mentioned them before… it’s the same family that we did “Shop to Adopt” for! In September I am planning on donating part of my sales to their fund as well… more to come on that at a later date :)

But yeah… I was helping them out this morning and I did a whole bunch of pinterest inspired baking last night. And that combined with a Eat-whatever-the-heck-I-want 4th of July left me more than willing to duck out on todays meeting. Pretty sure I gained back ALL of the 3.8 pounds I lost last week.

I did work out 3 times this past week. I’m really liking the Kickboxing dvd I picked up and I think I’m gonna see if there are any Zumba workouts on YouTube. I’ve definitely figured out that I get bored with work outs easily. I gotta mix it up on a regular basis. And playing with Riah is good too :) I’ll start taking her on walks and leash training after her next round of puppy shots.





      Isn’t she just so stinking cute?





I’m going back to basics this week:

Only Water and Coffee (as soon as I finish the Dr. Pepper I just started drinking)
Working out 4 times minimum
Lots of playing with the puppy
Salad and veggies at Lunch and Supper
Counting each point and measuring to make sure its accurate.


  1. She is too cute!!

    Good luck with the workouts! Kickboxing and Zumba will keep you busy...


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