Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Love Free Stuff!! And other Random Things…


Its true I love free stuff!

Did you know that you can win some fabulous free prints
babEblessings and I? Go HERE, but there are only
3 days left to enter! So go enter Right Now! ;)
Jac also shared a couple of other review's


See this adorable cross bracelet?

Guy & Leah 424

Its from my shop! And I am giving one away over at Kelley’s blog
The Grant Life :) There is only 2 days left to
enter this one! Pop over for your chance to win :)


Have you checked out the shop lately? I’ve been adding new things!
And just cause I love you all so much… use code
JULY2012 until the end of the Month for 25% off.

Image of Lacelicious Clutches ~ Black Lace Overlay

Ooooohhh all the clutches have FREE SHIPPING right now! No code needed :)


AND starting August 1st!


August is a BIG month for me and this here little ole blog :) I am celebrating my 29th birthday! and my very fist Blogiversary!! Woot Woot. Starting August 1st there will TONS and TONS of giveaways!

If you want to promote your blog and be a part of the awesomeness that will the Month of August, I still have a few spots left and would love to have you join in the fun!

Its going to be Legen….wait for it… dary!


  1. You're only 29?! You're a young'un. LOL Just kidding, I hated when people used to say that to me.
    Your stuff is adorable, I saw the bracelet on Kelley's blog and got all jealous like.

  2. Can I take part in the giveaway? I am emailing you now!

  3. Ah! I just turned 29 this month. Love the last year of my twenties so far. :) I'd love to help with the giveaway. I'm emailing now.

  4. and word on How I Met Your Mother. It's my fave.


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