Friday, July 6, 2012

Handmade Gift Exchange!

handmade gift exchange

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you might have picked up on the fact that I am a BIG fan of gift exchanges! This one was fun! It was a secret exchange and the person that sent me a gift was different than the person I sent a gift too!.

My “giftee” was Hannah! She’s getting married this month and let me know that the colors are all shades of blue :) I scoped out her pinterest pages and saw that she was in love with a burlap banner :) So I hand painted the word “Love” on music sheets and attached that to burlap :) I quite like the way it turned out! Hannah told me that they’re going to use it in their wedding pictures! She’s going to send me some once she gets them and I’ll be sure to share!

riah1 009-001

I also spray painted some Robins Egg blue over lace on an 8x10 canvas. And sent her a coffee cozy… cause life does continue after the wedding and I wanted her to have something she could use after the Big Day!

riah1 018-001riah1 016-001


Caty had my name and was inspired by my wish list :) I guess it was a little obvious that I love Owls and Fabrics.

iphone july 3 005iphone july 3 006iphone july 3 008

She wrapped it so nicely too! Thanks so much Caty!! :)


I’ve got 3 more swaps in the works right now… so you can expect to see a couple more posts like this in the near future :) I love meeting new bloggers and making special things for special people!


  1. All of those things are so cute!!

  2. Wow Jennifer - I love that banner - just gorgeous! xx Nat


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