Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weigh in Vol 2 AND Shop to Adopt Recap :)


The Weigh In:

Well its Saturday! And that means I had my Weight Watchers meeting this morning. Mule got stuck at work for an extra 4 hours… so I walked! Yay me :) Its not really that far… only about a 7 minute walk, but I felt danged good about it!

My goal this week was to exercise at least 3 times… I only exercised once :( Plus with Shop to Adopt this past Thursday night (more on that in a minute) I was majorly stressed… and since I am an emotional eater, I did some emotional eating :s

BUT I still somehow managed to lose 0.2 pounds! That’s pretty much next to nothing, but a loss is still a loss! I was convinced  I’d gained back the 5 pounds I lost the week before. Just goes to show that the Point system really does work! This week will be better though :)

With Shop to Adopt behind me, my to do list isn’t a thousand miles long anymore! This weeks goal is to cut down on my sugar intake. Less sugar and creamer in my coffee. I don’t know that I’ll ever drink it black, but I can definitely handle less! I’ll also be making a point to work out at least 3 times this week :)

Shop to Adopt:

Despite some self imposed drama with last minute projects and Wal-Mart mix ups, Thursday Nights Shop to Adopt was a huge success!!!

We raised over $700 Dollars! That puts the Lindley family almost a thousand dollars closer to their goal! There was a bake sale, raffle prizes and 10 fabulous vendors, including me!

I was so busy running around taking care of details and directing people to the right place that I completely forgot to take pictures! D’oh!

I’ve got a few pictures of my set up :)

iphone 015iphone 016iphone 018iphone 019iphone 021iphone 023iphone 026

I had a pretty successful night :) Made a little $, met some wonderful people and connected with some great local vendors :)

There also a number of ladies in the community that would like me to start having crafting classes! I’m definitely going to do it, just have to figure out the logistics!


I will be doing some online fundraising for the adoption fund in the future, so stay tuned!

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