Sunday, May 27, 2012

KISS–Megan of Absolute Mommy

I love Megan! She is such a sweetheart :) So happy to have her sharing this week!

Hello friends of Jennifer and readers of Finding My Way in Texas!! 

 I'm Megan, of AbsoluteMommy.  I jumped at the chance to be a guest for Keep it Simple Sunday, since my life is all about keeping it simple!  Like we use paper plates.  I know I'm the worst environmentalist, but dishes keep me from blogging.  So does cooking, so I'm always looking for ways to make my life easier in the kitchen.

 Let me say that I'm not the best cook.  I don't roast chickens or make pot roast.  I made pork chops when I was a newly wed, like twice.  Now that I have kiddos, I've turned into a short order cook.  I hate that I have, but let's be honest, we have to feed our kids something other than goldfish crackers and Oreos.  Yes, even I draw the line at Oreos for dinner, when we already had them at breakfast!  Plus it feels good to use the oven or stove top.  Doesn't it make you feel like a Gold Medal Mom?  I mean if you had to use your oven, or your stovetop and a pan, who cares if it was frozen or from a can.  Girlfriend, you just cooked!

 In my quest to become a fully functioning SAHM, I've created a few recipes out of convience foods.  For example canned biscuits are every mothers dream.  Seriously!  Canned biscuits can make a can of soup a meal!  They also make awesome biscuit pizzas!  That's right individual pizzas, catered to everyones taste, that litterally take less than a half hour! 

 Amazing, I know, hold your applause.  For more info on biscuit pizzas, click here. Today I'm sharing my new masterpiece.  And my rickety, old, muffin tins!  I swear ladies, if I knew how awful they were going to look photographed I would have skipped the photo all together.  But we are all friends here and you should know that nothing in my house is Pinterest approved.  Just sayin! My new masterpiece, isn't really mine.  Millions of you are making them, and I found the recipe via Google, but, my girls think mommy is totally fancy because she made cinnamon rolls for breakfast on a Monday in May.  Isn't that all that matters?

KISS: Cinnamon Rolls (original source) 1 can crescent rolls spreadable butter or margarine 2 TBLs brown sugar, or if you are out like I was, regular sugar works fine 1/2 tsp cinnamon cooking spray muffin tin (perferably in better shape than mine) Frosting or glaze - optional and found via the original source

1- Open your crescent rolls and lay them out in rectangles.  Pinch the seams just to be sure they don't separate.  Then spread butter or margarine on the dough.  As much or as little as you want, or Paula Deen them to death, whatever floats your cinnamon roll.  Then combine sugar and cinnamon together.  I did this in a plastic baggie, and shook it up real good.  Don't forget to seal it, by the way.  Then I clipped the end like I was frosting something, and shook out all the cinnamony goodness onto the reactangles.
 2 - After your rectangles look like #1, roll them up.  After rolling, cut them into slices, I cut 3 from each roll.  Once cut, place them in a muffin tin.  The original recipe says to use a mini muffin tin, I didn't have one, so I put them in liners in a regular sized tin.  And just to be sure they wouldn't stick, I sprayed some cooking spray into the liners.
 3- Bake at 350 for 15-17 minutes.  Mine took 15.  Then ice them, or leave them to cool.  Since my girls were already hopped up on Fruit Loops the morning I made these, I left the glaze off.
4- This little one was so cute, I had to snap a pic.  Then I decided to share it after Mac called it a "snuk", as in snail.  She leared about snails recently after stepping on them in my grandma's backyard.  She kept saying "Ewww. Snuk", and Caitlin and I kept telling her this was a good and yummy "snuk".
That's it gals!
Go forward and get your domestic diva on!  I'm so glad Jennifer had me over today, and I hope you liked what you saw!  If you'd like to see me in my bloggy life, visit me here.  How are you spending your Sunday?  Simply, I hope!


  1. Oh.. these sound so simple! And yum! Heading to her site now :)

  2. Oh, man!! These look amazing!
    I think my husband would be a VERY happy man if I made these!


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