Monday, May 21, 2012

Easy Peasy Magnets


I don’t know about you, but in my house it seems like I can never find a magnet when I need one! And I like keeping pictures, notes and reminders on my fridge! I mean it’s the biggest thing in the room I spend half my life in!

OK, Maybe not half my life, but it sure seems that way at times.

If you follow me in Instagram (and you really should follow me on instagram cause I LOVES it ;)  @jenniferintexas) then you would have seen this little sneak peak :)

All you need is some printable magnet sheets ( I used the Avery brand because it was on sale at Wal-Mart! ), a computer and a printer!


I LOVE free printables** and I keep some of my favorites on Pinterest :) So I simply went to pinterest, found my favorite FREE printable**, downloaded or followed the owner/copyright instructions, added/copied them into a word document, and printed onto the Magnet sheets!


Told you it was Easy Peasy :)

Once they’re printed off simply cut them out (good luck cutting a straight line, cause I suck at it!) and stick them on your fridge!


Grab your favorite pictures, reminders or lists and stick’em to the fridge in style!


See? I’m Stylin’! Not to mention that since I used some of my favorite quotes, I get inspired every time I go near the hulking beast we call a fridge! Seriously that thing is probably as old as my husband!

Told you it was Easy Peasy :)

** please respect the rights of the owner of the printable/design! Don’t just copy and paste anything you like directly from pinterest! Play nicely and only use the free, downloadable prints or purchase the ones you like :) No Theifing!! :) **

Happy Monday!


  1. I have got to get some of these!

  2. I love you for posting this! I keep looking at all my saved pinterest print outs and think, "what the heck am I going to to with these"? Now I know what to do with them!!!thank you thank you!

  3. Love these! What a great idea!

  4. Love these, what a cute (& easy!) idea!

  5. Great project..our fridge is currently caked in magnets =D

  6. That looks SO easy! thanks for sharing!
    New follower

  7. those are a super cute idea. i love magnets. found you through the blog give away. happy to be your newest follower.

  8. LOVE this idea! Newest follower here!


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