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This weeks KISS post is from Aly of For Such A Time As This


Thanks Jennifer for letting me stop by!!! Here's my thoughts on Keeping it Simple! :)
In a "GO! GO! GO!" type of world, where everything and everyone is vying for our attention, it is sometimes hard to KEEP IT SIMPLE. I am only 22 years old(going on 23) and I have yet to truly get it right when it comes to taking the time to slow myself and focus on the present. There is a quote that I love that says, "What I do today is important, I am trading a day of my life for it." This is a great image of how we should view our days. We are given so many days in our life and each day is as important as the next. However, what we do with it, is the most important of all.

For me, its quite simple(no pun intended!)... In order for me to get through my days and slow myself to enjoy and cherish life, I need my quiet time and solitude. Daily I do my best to spend time with God. He is the reason why I am breathing another day. I can always tell when I have slacked on spending time with my Savior... My attitude is bad, I am stressed easily, I freak out over the smallest of things. Yet, when I take the time whether it be the morning, afternoon, or night... It sets me on the right track. I am setting my mind on things above and realizing that there is a bigger plan to this life than just little me.

I used to have a blog called A Thread in His Tapestry. I will be switching over soon to start a new blog for my growing business( which is a whole different story for another day!! Feel free to add my to your COME BACK SOON list, as my blog is still a work in progress: That first blog represented a small glimpse of one life...a small thread in a tapestry. Sometimes we get too caught up in our own little problems, in our own little world, that we fail to realize we are part of something MUCH, MUCH bigger. And, in order for me to KEEP IT SIMPLE.... I need to simply slow down and be still with my Creator.

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord"(Jeremiah 29:11)...When I keep it simple and focus on the plans that God has for my life, seeking Him daily to guide me to be more in line with His will...I am closer to being the person that God desires me to be. When I seek God first, I am a better woman, a better wife, a better friend, a better everything. Simply put: With God life makes sense.

Thanks for reading this post and thanks to this wonderful girl, Jennifer, who allowed me to stop by and share my thoughts with everyone!! Have a restful Sunday!
<3 Aly Nickerson


Thanks for that great reminder Aly! Especially for me! This week is and will be total Chaos and I need to take a few moments, breathe and remember that there is a someone else in control!

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