Friday, January 6, 2012

Wedding Inspiration


No don’t worry… this isn’t turning into a wedding blog, but I am getting married soon (YAY! So excited) and I"’ve been looking to pinterest for some inspiration.

I love the look of feathers and burlap. Not sure if Mule would wear one like this… but I’m just might make it and see.


I ADORE this banner! You’ll definitely be seeing something like this in my wedding pictures :)


These cup cake toppers are super sweet.. but I am not sure how you’d sanitize them and keep bits of wood out of the cup cakes and icing. Thoughts?


I’ve already started making heirloom paper roses out of book pages for my bouquet. So far I am in love!


Its going to be a small wedding, but there will be jars and candles! A must have!!



In case you didn’t notice, I’ll be using a lot of burlap :) Our colors are cream, blue, grey and (burlap) brown. I’m going for a country/vintage/rustic feel. Any one else have any ideas for me?


  1. very cute! i love the buttonaire (sp?) -- love the feathers & burlap! and the mason jars with candles are awesome! i definitely want something like that for my wedding as well!

  2. I would dip the cupcake toppers in wax.

  3. Love these ideas! Can't wait to see how everything turns out for the big day! And hope you keep showing us ideas. Love reading wedding related posts!

  4. these are so cute!
    love the floating candle jars.


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