Monday, January 2, 2012

Opps! I Forgot one!


Opps… I forgot a semi-resolution!

I’m going to be putting more effort into focusing on One or Two projects at a time. I suffer from Craft ADD… like really! I’ve usually got 53 projects going on at one time! Kind of drives my brain insane lol.

For example… Right now I am working on making my bouquet, a burlap banner for the wedding, a small (baby) sized quilt, an infant afghan, a new dog bed/pillow for the pooch, a larger lap sized scrap quilt and a crocheting some slippers. There is multi-tasking and then there is insanity… I’m well on my way to insanity :s

To add to the craziness I can not keep away from PINTEREST! For the Love of Pete! I wanna make these!! (Click on the picture to be taken to the original post)


I think I am going to make some chevron inspired cards tonight :) I’ve got some notes and thank you cards to send out :)

This clutch is just too cute! And I want it!

I got an iPhone for Christmas, so Obviously I need some sort of ADORABLE case for it :)

This is just plain practical! And gorgeous! And would make a fabulous hostess gift!


I think I’ve come up with my Linky Party idea :) and I am super excited about it! Stay tuned over the next couple days for all the details!

Happy Tuesday!

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