Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Productive Days


I love productive days! I really do!! But then again, who wouldn’t?

I guess I love them so much because, for me, productive days seem to be few and far between. One of the biggest struggles with having Ulcerative Colitis is the utter exhaustion I battle most days. Part of it is a side effect of the medication I am on, some it comes the difficulty my body has with digesting food and absorbing nutrients and some of it comes from been severely anemic. I am oddly allergic to spinach and pretty much all iron supplements, so I can’t just take an iron pill to make up for the lack.

In the year since I was diagnosed with UC I have learned a lot about my body, made some significant changes and over all I am doing better. Routine is my Friend! I have better days when I stick to a consistent routine. Easier said than done though lol. In the past couple weeks I’ve also discovered that getting up a little earlier seems to make a positive difference. And with my new planner I am even more organized, which helps with consistency in my day :)

Today was a particularly good day for me :) I got tons done, and I have to say I am a little proud of myself. I got my newly scheduled “chores” accomplished, plus a baking a bunch of cookies for Mule’s lunchestoday2

I finished setting up my new planner and organizing our budget, “chores” and menu plan.


I finished an infant afghan I’ve been working on for a couple weeks (pics and post tomorrow!) And I’ve got some yummy homemade bread rising in the fridge (YES in the fridge! another post coming soon!).

All in all its been a fantastic day! And I *Choose* to make tomorrow just as good!

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