Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy First day of 2012!


It’s a new Day! It’s a new Dawn! It’s a new life, for me! And I’m feeling good! :)

I didn’t get the midnight count down I had in mind, but never the less, 2012 has arrived. I am determined to not let the slightly “off” start to this year set the tone for the rest of it!

With that in mind here are some of my personal resolutions :)

1. Focus on becoming a Healthier, better ME! (kind of a broad statement, but I’ll expand on this one more later)

2. Get organized and stay organized

3. Review our household budget, make the necessary changes and STICK TO THEM!

4. Stay on top of my Blogging goals

    1. Post more often.
    2. Comment on more blogs.
    3. Have more giveaways
    4. Post more pictures
    5. Participate in the 365+1 photography challenge on my Photography blog

5. Bi-Weekly date nights with my Mister. And that means getting OUT of the house :)

6. Get involved with the Chrons and Colitis Foundation of America

7. Find opportunities to get involved in my community and meet new people!

8. Live with no regrets, take some chances, and get outside of my comfort zone whenever possible!


2012 is a new year full of opportunities. I can’t wait to make the most of it!

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