Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Stockings where hung by the Chimney with care…


Well we don’t have a chimney, heck we don’t even have a fireplace, but the stockings are in place. I whipped up a stocking for Mule and I last night from so fabric I had on hand and scraps left over from my Christmas Quilt.

stockings 002

stockings 003stockings 004

They’ll be perfect on Christmas morning stuffed with goodies.

stockings 005stockings 007stockings 008

And here’s our tree (no flash, flash and no lights on). We’ve got some old school bubble lights going on. there are a few recently wrapped presents under the tree :) Mule’s mom has a whole bin of wrapping paper, so we’re gone with a vintage wrapping theme.

stockings 013

This is the Christmassy corner of the house. That’s pretty much all that’s gotten decorated (so far?). I might get around to putting up more decorations.

I’m almost done the wreath for the front door :) Will post soon!


Happy Wednesday

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  1. look gorgeous!!

    at least you hang the stockings -- i dont think i have ever done that -- even when i had a fireplace!


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