Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello Again :)


I’m back a few days earlier than expected :)

I had a FANTASTIC Christmas, and I am excited to share it with you. Not to mention that I just flippin missed all my bloggy pals :)

Christmas came a little early for Mule and I since we found out he was going to have to work Christmas day. So on the 21st we ended up opening all our presents. And I have to say I am one SPOILED girl!

First Pictures of the tree and all the lovely, retro paper wrapped gifts :) My Mother-in-Law to be is awesome and has enough awesome retro Christmas paper to last at least 4 or 5 more Christmases Smile

photobcristmas and stuff 004cristmas and stuff 001

That’s me… all excited on “Christmas” morning :) You may notice that some of these pictures were taken with my new iPhone! :D Can you say Happy girl?


The stuff I got from My Mr.! Yes that is a JoTote bag!!!! If only you could have seen me dancing around the living room with my new camera bag/purse! I was happy enough with just that let alone all the other awesome ness I was blessed with :) New comfy slippers, some clothes, a Tinkerbelle 2012 Calendar, a warmer and some scentsy waxes (I *HEART* Scentsy!) from my In-laws to be, a new cutting mat, and a PEARL SET! Like I said… SPOILED!

photoacristmas and stuff 006photoh

It doesn’t look like Mule got that much, but he was wearing some of his new stuff when I took this pic, and he got a new truck box that he’s wanted for ages. Yes that is a Deep Fryer, his Mom got it for him, and I’ve already cooked dinner with it 4 times. He also got a new iPhone.

cristmas and stuff 014

Christmas Eve I did some more baking to keep myself occupied. That was a tough night. Mule was at work, and I was home feeling extremely home sick! I got to talk to my Mom and some siblings for a while and that definitely helped.


Mule ended up spending Christmas day at home with me. even though he was supposed to work. He hit a COW at 3 o’clock in the morning, totaling his work truck. He was really sore, but was other wise fine. I was just happy he was ok… and I definitely wasn’t complaining that he was home either!

We had a yummy breakfast (crescent rolls are a Must Have!) and I gave him the last gift I had for him. He didn’t get it on our “Christmas” because I wasn’t finished fixing it yet. I purchased a gold chain and fixed an eagle pendant that had belonged to his grandfather. I knew it was really important to him, but he’s never been able to wear it since the top connection piece was broken and needed to be replaced. He won’t admit it, but I’m pretty sure I saw a misty eye when he opened the box :)

We also went at looked at Christmas lights around town and them came home to have our version of a Christmas “toast”, Welch’s sparkling grape juice in Mule’s Grandmother’s crystal wine glasses. A perfect ending to a wonderful day filled with new and old traditions


I figured that was the end of Christmas, but then on Wednesday, Mule decided to go to the pound. We couldn’t leave with out this little darling. His name is Scoot, he’s about 3 months old and is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met. We have no idea what kind of dog he is (ideas anyone?), but he’s not going to get very big, maybe 12-15 pounds and that’s OK with us :)


I can' easily say, that with the exception of desperately missing my family and friends, this has been one of my best Christmases ever!

Now onto all that 2012 has to offer!

Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Oh my goodness your new pup is sooooo cute! Loved all your new stuff! I know it must have been hard to not be with your family on Christmas. But I'm glad it all turned out good and you were still able to enjoy the holidays!

    And the Mr. hitting a cow....I had to laugh at that one! Only in Texas!! (glad he's ok...)


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