Friday, December 2, 2011

5 For Friday


I saw this over at Chez Mukweto and wanted to play along!

Play along with me and answer these questions...

What would you do with...

  1. An extra $1,000?  You have until the end of the day to spend it. This one’s easy! CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! Mule really wants a Winchester Rifle and there are definitely enough things on my wish list to take care of the remaining $
  2. An extra hour today?  You magically get 1 more hour than anyone else, and you can “activate” it at any point you want. I’d take an extra hour with my Mister before he has to head for work for the night shift.
  3. Mad charming skills?  Like, you have an entire day to use them on anyone you want ;)  Your friends, family, store clerks, credit card companies  anyone!  I’d have to charm my way through some paper work and interviews and make it possible for me to visit family back home with no worries about getting back to my man in Texas
  4. A termination letter in your hand? Like if someone fired you right now? If I had a job and they fired me I’d probably burst into tears… and then throw things and scream and throw a good old fashioned temper tantrum.
  5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Could be a musician, author, sports star, politician, anyone in the world you want who’s alive. You can do anything you want at all… at ALL ;) Tough call… there are a bunch of people I’d like to chill with. I love Miranda Lambert and I’d kill to hang out with her before a concert and pick her brain, then maybe sing along?? A girl can dream right!?!?! :D


Happy Friday!

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