Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Heart Therapy:


Ashley from Eisy Morgan had been hosting Heart Therapy, an opportunity to open up and honestly examine ourselves. I’ve been meaning to participate for the past few weeks, and this week I’m doing it!

Here is what Ashley challenged us with…

“ This week we are making an I am list...

As I have been working through some thoughts and a few books to help me, one suggested making a list of what I see as my strengths and positive characteristics. So often I focus only on how I don't measure up, and this isn't about being prideful or cocky, just remembering the strengths and gifts we have or have to offer the world!”

Here is my List…

I am :

a good friend
a great fiancé
fiercely loyal
beautiful (although I forget this a lot)
smart (despite being a natural blonde)
a people person
a good cook


It took me longer that I thought to come up with that list. Far too often I berate myself for things I feel I lack. Life is busy, there are a lot of demands on our time and I think we forget about who we were created to be. I find myself wishing I was someone else, had their talents or gifts and think that I am not good enough.


I am enough!

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