Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today I am…


Today I am…

… barely awake! and its already noon! Mule and I are trying to adjust to his new jobs and a new work schedule. Both are great! but will take some getting used to.

…going to try and finish the squares for the princesses birthday quilt (the princess being a friends daughter). Her party is on Saturday and I’ve got a lot to do!

…thankful for my incredible Mom! Even though there are a couple thousand miles between us, she still inspires me with her strength and resilience.


…I’m part of a giveaway over at The Lovely Poppy! There is $450 worth of prizes up for grabs including a $25 shop credit to my store :)

… adding new items to my etsy shop! Woot Woot! Its only been a couple months since I’ve added anything new :s


These are crocheted camera strap covers. I was inspired by Maybe Matilda. But I used different yarns and added removable fabric rosettes for some added detail :) They’re $18 and ready to go! I’m also adding in some of the infant afghans I’ve created recently, including the wool eater baby blanket!


…I’m going on a picnic date with my hubs… but he doesn’t know it yet :) Should be fun!


  1. I'm always barely awake and live on Diet Coke. Ha! Love the camera strap covers! I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday. Feel free to follow back at :)

  2. Thank you for participating in the blog hop!
    Wishing you well on your bloggy endeavors.
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