Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Quilt Affair…


For as long as I can remember I have loved quilts. There is something so soothing about curling up under the weight of a homemade quilt and picking out your favorite square or fabric. Even on my worst days, a cup of hot chocolate and a snuggle under my favorite quilt makes the world make sense again.

Now that I have the time to make the things that I want to, I keep finding myself drawn back to quilting. Sure it can be time consuming and frustrating to the point where I want to pull out my hair. But, it the end, when it all comes together its like a little piece of magic.

These are some of the quilts I’m drawing inspiration from…


This Apple Crate  quilt featured on Modas Bakeshop one of my favorites and near the top of my to do list! Right after finishing the 4 other quilts I am currently working (sorta) on.



The one from Our Busy Little Bunch is so eye catching. I think its partly because of the colors and partly because of the pattern, which I love. But I don’t think I’ll attempt it until I have a fabric cutting machine of some sort.


This Patch Work Chevron quilt  by In Color Order is the inspiration behind my current project! I’m obsessed with chevrons and this tutorial makes it easy to do!


I’m not sure where this gorgeous 9 patch comes from, since I found it on flickr, but I adore it! (I’d like to give credit if possible, if you know who created this please let me know!)


This Two Charm Square quilt by Millie's Quilting is so charming. I love that the squares are angled. Makes it so much more interesting.


  1. I love quilts too! When I go to Indy next my cousin and I are going to make a Jelly Roll quilt. I'm so excited! I've never made one before. Yay!

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  3. I found through the blog hop. I'm following. Stop by and check me out.


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