Monday, February 13, 2012

Have You Ever…


Have you ever been half way through a bunch projects, with no desire to work on any of them? That seems to be me these days…

…a baby quilt I’ve been working(ish) on for about 4 months. Its not for anyone in particular and will probably end up in my etsy shop when (if) I get around to finishing it.


…approximately 60 of the 150ish rosettes I need to make for headbands for an event I’m donating to.


… pink fabrics for a 9 patch square quilt I want to make for a little princesses birthday party. The party is on Saturday. YIKES! I don’t even have all the fabrics cut yet! (if someone wants to send me one of those fancy fabric cutting machines I’d be eternally grateful!)


… a lap sized quilt top I’ve been working on for, oh, around a month-ish. I was going to use it for a giveaway but I am not happy with the way it came together. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, especially if I’m going to be using it for a giveaway.


And these are just the projects that I didn’t toss into a drawer out of sheer frustration when I couldn’t get something to work right. I’m terribly afraid to open that drawer :s

Its about time I get focused… I guess I should start by cleaning this awful mess that used to be my work space. Anyone have a maid I could borrow for, oh say, a lifetime?


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