Monday, February 6, 2012



  I was browsing though the million of so posts I have to catch up on since I was gone for a few days with my new Hubby *insert love sick grin here* and I came across this post from Cassie at Live. Laugh. L0ve.

I thought it was a great idea and the perfect way to get back into the swing of blogging after being away.

Currently Counting Down To:

The end of February when my sister is coming for a visit :)

Currently Laughing Over:

My weirdo puppy. He’s rolling around on the floor whipping his rope back and forth.

Currently Broadening:

My skill base. Working on some new crocheting stitches and quilting patterns :)

Currently Concluding:

That I can’t skip ironing when it comes to quilting… even though I really don’t want to do it.

Currently Reading:

The Narrow Path by Gail Sattler. I got it free on amazon! I love me some freebies :)

Currently Thinking:

That I should go make the Mister some lunch… maybe some chili dogs?

Currently My Favorite Movie:

Anything Shirley Temple… I’ve always been a fan.

Currently Saving All Our Pennies For:

Some shopping with my sister and some much needed household renovations.

Currently Wanting To Travel To:

Canada and England and Romania and Italy and Ireland

Currently Wanting In My Cupboard:

A new dish set. In black and white, with square plates!

Currently Wanting To Learn:

Spanish and Romanian

Currently Drooling Over:

523450_hi575518_hi I’m in the midst of a shoe crave.

Currently Confessing:

Most days I don’t feel good enough, creative enough, or smart enough.

Currently Listening To:

My Hubby snore as he takes a nap in his chair :)

Currently Obsessed With:

Painting my nails…I’ve changed colors 3 times in 5 days lol

Currently Addicted To:

Dove chocolates and Coffee

Currently Fantasizing About:

taking a nap, winning the lottery and going on a dream vacation

Currently Sad Because:

I'm not sad. :) 

Currently My Motto:

Be Me!

Currently Dreaming Of:

A new sewing machine… “Old Faithful” is making some serious squeaking noises

Currently Needing To:

Do laundry. Ugh!

Currently Yearning For:

A maid… then maybe the dishes will get done more often.

Currently Want To See In My Closet:

All new clothes.

Currently Enjoying:

An Ice cold bottle of water.

Currently Have A Girl Crush On:

Jennifer Garner! Love that chick!!

Currently Shopping:

I’m not… waiting for a major sister shopping spree

Currently Discovered:

That being always being right doesn’t matter if you want to have a healthy relationship

Currently Creating:

New items for the shop, a quilt for a friends B-day present and a rug for the cold floor by the bed.

Currently Resolving:

To focus more on what I need to get done each day.

Currently A Few New Blogs I'm Loving:

babEblessing and CraftyGirlsSquared

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