Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Perfect Fall Vase


About 4 months ago, before I moved to Texas, my fiancé showed me a website that different cowboy boots and western things that he liked. While I was looking around I stumbled across the cutest candle holders made out of twigs. Unfortunately this was long before I knew about pinterest or blogging, or was smart enough to bookmark the page. So there is no picture to show you. But I’ve had this idea of using twigs for a while. Last week I finally did something about it :)

I started collecting twigs while I was out with the dog. I tried to pick the straightest ones possible, which if you’ve ever looked at a tree is not that easy.

random 008

I used a straight sided vase (Wal-Mart for $1.50 on sale), E-6000, a scrap of fabric, an old serrated edge knife and some hemp rope.


stuff 001

This was my first time working with the E-6000 glue. Definitely need to put news paper or something under to protect your work surface. I got it all over my fingers too :s


stuff 003

Working slowly and carefully I trimmed the twigs to the right length, and then glued them to the vase. This might sound like a quick and easy “make over” but in truth it took almost 2 hours. And then I needed to let it sit over night to be sure the glue was dry.


stuff 023

I used some of this fabric in the rag quilt I made recently (see it here) and had a couple smaller pieces left over.

stuff 024

Wrap it around the twig covered vase, glue the end down, tie with hemp rope and Ta-Da! A perfect fall vase.

stuff 025

Now all I need are some flowers to put in it *cough*MULE!*cough*


I’ve made some candle and tea light holders, but alas, I have yet to take pictures. Its on my to do list for Thursday though :)


  1. I wasn't feeling this -- until you put the fabric on it. OMG, it totally makes it adorable. And of course, now I love it. Very cute!!

  2. Cute! I love the idea of working with natural elements you can collect from the places you've been! Thanks for the follow! Yes! I totally am addicted to Pinning now! Thanks for entering the giveaway! P.S. I've got you followed back! Now you're only 1 away!

  3. I love sticks and use them whenever I can. Great eye! :)

  4. Oh, I love how this turned out! What a cute idea, and very outdoorsy. I would love to see you link this post up at Freestyle Friday over at Happy Hour Projects!

    Hope to see you there ~ Adrianne

  5. Loove it!! And if you are in Texas you are probably as ready for fall as we are here in Oklahoma!!

    Looks great!!


  6. I can't wait for fall and I just love this project! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Cute and earthy! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

  8. Great idea! Thanks for linking with us at Show & Share!


  9. Welcome to Texas Jennifer <3 I'm tempted to drive over from Abilene and take you up on your offer of a picture taking session. just started following you. I am a hit and miss blogger... mostly miss LOL. I'm learning my way to becoming a regular. I have a hard time blogging cause I'm too busy following all the great Bloggers out there!!!. Stay safe from fires in our great state of Texas and Pray Pray Pray for rain. God knows our needs and He will hear our cry's. BTW.. I love the twigs on the vase.. Would be great with some beautiful fall foliage in it.

  10. I like the fabric! It was a perfect choice for this project. Thanks for sharing!


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