Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Look What I got :)

Its a few days early, but I got my Birthday present today :)

Her name is Kai, she's 10 weeks old and 3/4 German Shepherd and 1/4 lab.

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?

She's a quiet, cuddly puppy. She LOVES belly rubs! She did amazing on the car ride home, but she is not a fan of being on her leash. She's going to have to get used to it though, at least until we get the backyard fully fenced. Can't wait to take her to the lake this weekend :)

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  1. She is adorable, congratulations! You will love having a dog- they are the best!

  2. She is a cutie <3
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  3. Gotta love early birthday presents! She is very cute!

  4. Adorable, I have a black lab/german shepard mix and they are the best. Just make sure you have lots of chewy toys (Kongs are the best). following from Boost My Blog Friday.

  5. Awww, so cute.. Love it..
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  6. WHAT a cutie pie!!

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  7. Oh my god she is SUPER cute! I should go get a puppy today...Great blog, am a new follower :).



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