Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday’s Suck/Getting Organized


My Mister was off this weekend and I had such grand plans in my head. Unfortunately that’s as far as they got. I’m not sure who’s brilliant idea it was for me to move to Texas in the middle of one of the HOTTEST summers on record… but it sucks! Don’t get me wrong, I love Texas… but its hotter than Hades here and this NORTHERN girl is having issues. Saturday and Sunday were spent hiding inside with the nice a/c and watching Animal planet. Not a entirely awful way to spend a weekend. But add in a puppy throwing tantrums and getting only 2 hours of sleep Saturday night and it was a rather blah weekend.


I’m done ranting.

For now…


Since this weekend was a bust and Monday morning hasn’t been much better, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. I’m getting organized!

I am definitely the kind of person that thrives on to do lists and routine. So I’m going to get these things in place and get my butt in gear. And some accountability never hurt either. Putting my to do list into the Blogosphere means I’m going to have to follow up!

So here goes…

Organize the pantry cupboard.
Clean out the fridge
Stay on top of the laundry
Finish the baby quilt I started.
Organize both of my blogs better and add the proper pages
Figure out how to make blog buttons
Update the household budget
Inventory/organize my craft supplies (just in time for stash busting September)
Write some letters to people back home
Call my family and have a good chat

+ all the regular household stuff and cleaning I need to do.

I’m going to do 2 of the above things each day this week. I’ll update you at the end of the week :)


  1. If you need help with a blog button, let me know. They aren't as hard as you think!

  2. I have a link to a great tutorial on my blog - it has a bunch of cool bloggy things to create... happy to help.. message me if you need a hand! :)


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