Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For anybody in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area


I desperately need to update my photography portfolio, and I feel like I haven’t taken pictures of people in years! In reality its been about 6 weeks if you don’t count Mule, and I don’t cause he always tries to hide his face. Where is the fun in that???


So I am asking for your help… I’m happy to work for a cold soda or iced coffee if it means getting to meet new people and have some photography fun. Do you know anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth or Wichita Falls area? I live in the middle of those 2 places and I am happy to travel an hour or so either way (if farther, I’m willing to do a session for gas money :D   ). And since I’m new to Texas, I don’t know that many people. If you or someone you know would be interested in a FREE photo session in either of these areas, comment below with your email.


This is not a “giveaway” with a limited number of sessions, I’m willing to work with who ever is interested between now and the end of  September (I have to put a timeline on it or I’ll be working for free for forever!) I’ll be giving each “client” a disc with a copy of the pictures. Family, Senior, Baby, Sweet Heart or Engagement sessions, A Group of friends… really doesn’t matter I just wanna take pictures.

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You can check out some more of my work on my photography page Smile

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  1. wow, lucky people in your area! I'd love to but I'm far far away... Good luck!


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