Saturday, August 20, 2011

Can I go a whole month without buying Craft Supplies???

So I was going through my google reader this morning, like I do every morning and I came a across a post from my friend Zoe over at Scout’s Stitches. IT had some info and a lovely little link over to the T-Shirt Diaries that looks like this

The challenge is to go ALL OF SEPTEMBER without buying any crafting supplies for personal use (business supplies are ok). I want to say yes… I want to join up. I want to WIN the contest giveaway (did I mention there was a giveaway?). I want to get on these projects that I’ve got the supplies for, but haven’t gotten around to doing yet. But I have an addiction…

Maybe its time to challenge myself and get some stuff done… I think I need to write a list…

And of course, there are still 11 days in August to get supplies *insert evil shopping grin here*


  1. I think you should do it!!! Its only a month- and it will be fun to get creative!!!

  2. You girls will rock this challenge!


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