Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh what a weekend!


This weekend was full of Firsts! Some Amazing and some down right awkward!

It all started a couple of weeks ago on Craigslist. At least once a week I scroll through local ads for photography/event opportunities. I came across one that sounded interesting asking for local photographers to work for a fan photography company doing some local events. I responded, but didn’t hear back right away, so I pretty much forgot about it. Last Monday I got an email asking to do a phone interview. On Wednesday I talked to Jan, owner of the company, about customer service and my style/experience when it comes to photography. That Friday I got an email offering me a contract position with the company for the next weekend! Not only was did it offer a great pay rate, it was for NASCAR at the Texas Motor Speedway!

So this past Friday I drove about an hour to The Speedway, got my VIP credentials and my assignment and headed out. As one of their “newbie” photographers I was mostly working the gates taking pictures of people as they arrived to check out the different driver’s gear and then enter the Speedway. It was soooo much fun!

Friday I worked about 5 hours and I got to check out the Speedway as well as the track and pit :) Of course I forgot my personal camera! D-Oh!

I had Saturday off and spent it recovering (its been a long time since I’ve had to be on my feet for 5 hours straight!) and spending some time with my hunny. I headed to bed early and experienced my first EARTHQUAKE! I was lying all cozy in my bed, and suddenly the whole room started shaking! CRAZINESS! It started in Oklahoma as a 5.6 quake and was felt all over!

Sunday night the clocks changed back and I was ever so grateful for that extra hour of sleep as I had to be back at the Speedway bright and early. This time I used my phone to grab a few pics before I officially started work.


Don’t you just love the bright orange “Official Photographer” vest?


It was an incredible and interesting experience for sure. Sunday brought out the biggest crowds of the weekend, which inevitably meant tailgating and drinking. And some of those drinking provided the funniest and most awkward moments of my life.

I was propositioned at least 8 times (good old engagement ring to the rescue)
One guy tried to remove my shirt (No touching!)
I was hit on a ton by the lovely drunk guys and by one drunk girl (WAY awkward)
A couple random people took MY picture (Weird!)
Several people were tripping over their own feet (darn those feet!)
And I had a lot of fun (Crazy awkwardness aside).

While I’m not always a fan of crowds,  and this weekend totally exhausted me, it also took me back to my retail roots. Now I remembered why I loved (and hated it) so much. It’s the PEOPLE!

I’m happy to say I can officially scratch number 82. See a Nascar Race live off my bucket list :)

Oh … I really should have taken ear plugs! My ears are still buzzing!

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  1. Sounds like a crazy week-end!! I cannot believe you felt our earthquake!!! We were/ are really rocking and rolling here!!

    I have been passed the motor speedway a ton - but have never stopped. It is huge!!

    Congrats on getting the job there - I hope you get some more events as fun as that!!



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