Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas is a coming!


So its officially November and I feel no shame in gushing about Christmas! I’ve got about a million Christmas projects I want to do, and I am hoping that I have enough time! Top of my list is a Christmas lap quilt, but right after that is Ornaments! Course that means that I’ll need a tree. Since its just Mule and I, we don’t need a very big one, but there simply MUST be a tree to put presents under! This is Mule and I’s first Christmas together, and while he isn’t much of a holiday person, this is my favorite time of the year! I fully intend to decorate the heck out of this little house of ours!

But first I need Ornaments!!! Here are some of my top inspirations pics from Pinterest (all sourced from pinterest. click on picture to be taken to page.)






Last year I was far too sick (more on that in a future post) to enjoy much of anything, so this year I have twice as many reasons to celebrate!

Don’t for get to check out the giveaway going on at Bacon Time with the Hungry Hippo! Lots of chances to win cool stuff!

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  1. These ornaments are adorable!! I love those newspaper balls! So cute!!

    I'm a new follower via the blog hop.


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